6 sensational leftovers-inspired sandwiches

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6 sensational leftovers-inspired sandwiches

Christmas only comes once a year, but hungry relatives tend to stick around. Waste less and stay sane with Khanya Mzongwana’s leftovers-inspired sandwiches. They are so good you’ll want to crack open more bubbles to enjoy them with!

1. Falafel sub

This fun sub, crammed with any leftover veggies you have, is a special one for the meat-free gang. You can make your own falafel from scratch, but the real aim here is not to sweat. The green sauce is so amazing, you’ll probably cook extra greens so that you can repeat the meal.


Get the recipe for falafel sub here. 

2. Grape-glazed gammon sandwich

The fruity Pierre Jourdan Belle Rosé Cap Classique finds its perfect match in this totally decadent sarm topped with leftover gammon and mild, nutty Emmenthal.


Find the recipe for Grape-glazed gammon sandwich here. 

3. Leftover roast lamb kota

The atchar has quite a kick, so keep the alcohol low with the Villiera Light MCC Brut, or go slightly sweeter with Krone Night Nectar Rosé MCC. You can cram this kota with any leftover roast; chicken with a bit of crispy skin works just as well.

Find the recipe for leftover roast lamb kota here.

4. Roast trout bagel

Cream cheese gives this sandwich a bit of fanciness and the apple mustard adds a sour sweetness that cuts through the richness of the rainbow trout. A very cool sarm.


Find the recipe for roast trout bagel here.

5. Confit duck “banh mi”

Okay, so this is not really a banh mi, but I did take my inspiration from the famous Vietnamese street snack. This festive version uses a Woolies product that’s very dear to me – confit duck (so you don’t even have to rely on leftovers). The crazy-easy ClemenGold syrup becomes jammy and can be spread on toast or enjoyed with scones and cream later.


Find the recipe for confit duck “banh mi” here.

6. Panettone French toast sandwich

Nutty, boozy panettone is the perfect cross between bread and cake. Add extra decadence with cherries, cream and bacon, and you have a great match for Prosecco. A magnum of Astoria Prosecco DOC Italian Sparkling gets my vote – it’s soft, fresh and fruity with very fine bubbles, so you’ll want the supersized bottle for regular top-ups.


Find the recipe for panettone French toast sandwich here.

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