6 simple, speedy lunches for every situation

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6 simple, speedy lunches for every situation

Are you all out of ideas for what to pack for lunch? Or maybe you work from home and find yourself snacking all day instead of having a full meal? We’ve rounded up 6 recipes that are perfect for lunch, no matter what your day looks like.

1. Back to school

As the kids enter the last term of the school year, you’re probably all out of exciting lunchbox ideas. Keep things classic but delicious with toasted cheese sandwiches. Toasting these sandwiches in the oven gives them an even golden colour and the Comté cheese is perfect for melting. Ham-and-cheese toasted sandwichesGet the recipe for oven-toasted ham and cheese sandwiches here. 

2. Back to the office

Bored of packing leftovers for lunch? This jarred salad will take you out of your funk. Decant the contents when you get to the office and dig in. This will definitely brighten up your week!

Bloody Mary saladGet the recipe for bloody Mary salad here. 

3. Work from home

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some effort into your lunch. A simple Caesar salad is easy to assemble, filling and, thanks to all those strong-flavoured ingredients, very satisfying. Get the recipe for Caesar salad here. 

4. Lunch on the go

Don’t have time to sit down for lunch? Whether you’re rushing to your next lecture, off to pick up the kids or have a job that keeps you moving, skipping lunch is not an option. These 3-cheese hand pies can be made the night before and can be eaten on the go.

cheese-and-onion-pieGet the recipe for cheese-and-onion pies here.

5. Last-minute weekend get-together

Have some unexpected guests coming over? Serve this simple caponata with Woolies rotisserie chicken and sliced crusty bread such as baguette or ciabatta. It’s the simplest lunch that’s ready in under 30 minutes.

Get the recipe for easy caponata here.

6. Something sweet

If you crave something sweet during the day, these burnt-butter choc-chip cookies are a must for your lunchbox. You might also want to pack them as a Friday treat for the kids. They’re absolutely addictive. Get the recipe for salted chocolate-chip cookies here.

Find more lunchbox ideas here. 

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