6 tomato soup recipes for any kind of weather

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6 tomato soup recipes for any kind of weather

It’s one of the easiest meals to make. We can almost guarantee that two of the main ingredients are in your pantry…

A can or two of whole tomatoes and a sachet of tomato paste are all you need to kick off this recipe.

Pro-tip: Roast whole canned tomatoes until smoky and sweet. For a spicy twist, add roast red peppers and diced chillies.

Prefer to make your tomato soup from scratch?
Blanch the tomatoes first. Score the bottoms of firm, ripe tomatoes. Place in boiling water for 30–60 seconds, then plunge the tomatoes into iced water. You’ll start to see the skin pulling away from the scored end.

Soup’s on!

Tomato soup with toasted cheesy melt

Whether you serve it with a curl of cream, or topped with crispy pan-fried chickpeas or even poached eggs, there’s a tomato soup for everyone. We love a good toasted sarmie with ours. (Feeling, peckish? Find your perfect toastie here)

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