6 unexpected ways to use nuts

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6 unexpected ways to use nuts

As good as they are on their own, or set in a slab of caramel, nuts can add a whole new dimension to a roast pork fillet (peanuts), a glorious stuffed chicken (almonds) or cheesy onion bake (macadamias). And don’t get us started on dessert: cashews and tigers and pistachios – oh my! Bianca Strydom share all these nutty recipes for you to try.

1. Roast chicken with almond stuffing

Yes, you read right, this perfect roast chicken is served with an almond stuffing. It’s an almond-and-wild rice stuffing to be exact, and it will take your Sunday lunch to new heights.

Roast chicken with almond stuffing

Find the recipe for roast chicken with almond stuffing here.

2. Fluffy flapjacks with cashew cream 

These will be the fluffiest flapjacks you will ever make. Plus, they’re all the more special thanks to home-made cashew cream. Save this recipe for those special-occasion breakfasts in bed.

Fluffy flapjacks

Find the recipe for fluffy flapjacks here. 

3. Peanut-crusted pork fillet

This peanut-crusted pork fillet will impress everyone you serve it to! And it’s super versatile – serve it with sticky rice for a more substantial dinner, and save the leftovers and use them to make pork sandwiches. Woolies’ Chinese BBQ sauce and truffle mayonnaise are also delicious with this.

Peanut-crusted pork fillet

Find the recipe for peanut-crusted pork fillet here. 

4. Vanilla cake with pistachio icing

Who says you can’t have cake for breakfast? This vanilla breakfast cake is made all the more fancy thanks to a divine pistachio icing. You can also soak any leftover cake in syrup and serve with fresh berries and crème fraîche, or more Ideal milk.

Vanilla cake with pistachio icing

Find the recipe for the vanilla cake with pistachio icing here. 

5. Slow-roasted onions

If you’re a fan of caramelised onions, then you’ll love these slow-roasted onions topped with toasted macadamias and Parmesan. You can also make this vegan by omitting the butter and using Woolworths’ vegan hard cheese instead.

Find the recipe for slow-roasted onions here. 

6. Tiger nut milk pudding

“This recipe was inspired by Abigail Donnelly, my mentor, who creates the most beautiful desserts using simple ingredients. This baked milk pudding reminds me of her.” – Bianca Strydom

Tiger nut milk pudding

Find the recipe for tiger nut milk pudding here. 

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