6 warm salad recipes to make when you don’t feel like soup

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6 warm salad recipes to make when you don't feel like soup

Whoever said salads were for sunny weather had never make a warm salad. Adding a warm or cooked ingredient to grains or leafy greens can turn the humble salad into a filling meal that you can revisit countless times when you want to give the usual winter warmers a break.

1. Seared tofu with sushi rice

This salad is a mix of ingredients we love in Asian-inspired cooking: sushi rice, pak choi, tofu, wasabi, pickled ginger and nori. Searing tofu gives it a slightly crispy exterior, while the wasabi dressing adds a kick to this fresh yet filling salad.

Seared-tofu-with-sushi-riceGet the recipe for seared tofu with sushi rice here. 

2. Baby marrow fritter bowl

Hannah Lewry’s baby marrow fritter bowl offers all the flavours and textures: creamy, tangy, spicy, crunchy, crispy and sweet. We also love this salad because you can make the baby marrow fritters in advance and fry them just before you’re ready to assemble and serve.

Baby marrow fritter bowlGet the recipe for baby marrow fritter bowl here. 

3. Caesar chicken schnitzel

Try serving chicken schnitzels with something other than cabbage and potatoes. These crumbed chicken fillets can be added to other dishes too, including the ultimate classic salad – Caesar salad. This recipe is our take on chicken Caesar. You still get the creamy dressing and crunchy gem lettuce leaves that this salad is famous for with a little something extra. If you have leftovers, add them to a toasted wrap for the easiest lunch. Caesar schnitzel  Get the recipe for Caesar chicken schnitzel here. 

4. Steak salad

This salad is like a deconstructed pita sandwich. What could be better than brinjal, red pepper, perfectly seared steak, hummus and pita bread? You can obviously enjoy these ingredients as a sandwich, but bulk up on the veggies to truly make this recipe a salad. STEAK-SALAD-WITH-RED-PEPPERS-AND-BRINJAL  Get the recipe for steak salad here. 

5. Orange-and-miso pork fillet

Add miso to your regular shopping list. This Japanese fermented soya bean paste adds saltiness and umami to broths, marinades and even desserts. Adding orange and honey to the miso marinade adds sweetness and balances what would otherwise simply be salty pork fillets. Complete the salad with a medley of citrus slices, cucumber ribbons and satay sauce. Hannah suggests braaiing the pork for a delicious chargrilled crust. Once you’ve dressed the salad, serve it immediately to retain its crunch.

Orange-and-miso pork fillet

Get the recipe for orange-and-miso pork fillet here. 

6. Warm spelt salad 

Seafood salads tend to include prawns or salmon, but it’s time to explore more from the sea. Mackerel is a salty, fatty, meaty fish. Pair it with complementary flavours such as spelt, creamy goat’s cheese and sweet and an acidic Pink Lady vinaigrette.

Get the recipe for warm spelt salad here. 

Browse more salad recipes here. 

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