6 wholesome ways with cabbage

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6 wholesome ways with cabbage

Don’t turn your nose up just yet! Cabbage is one of the most under-appreciated veg, despite the fact that it packs a punch in vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. Plus, it’s an inexpensive addition to your crisper drawer.

Keep it fresh: cabbage adds an often-needed crunch to many a dish. If you’re cutting back on gluten or avoiding carbs, replace your burger bun or wrap with a cabbage leaf. It maintains it’s structural integrity despite the juicy fillings. Say goodbye to soggy lettuce!

Join the trend: fermented cabbage, in the form of kimchi or sauerkraut, promotes gut health and is remarkably easy to make.

Quick pickle

A quick cabbage-and-cucumber pickle will elevate the flavours of a pork belly roast. Try the fragrant pork roast with homemade pickle recipe here.

Quick-and-easy kimchi

It takes a bit of time (but minimal effort). Plus, the health benefits alone are worth the wait. Try the quick-and-easy kimchi recipe here.

Crunchy side

Love a side that’s both flavourful, fresh and has a bit of bite? Try this crunchy vegetable salad with crumbled crispy bacon recipe here.

Coleslaw with an Asian twist

Not a fan of mayo? This is for you. The easy homemade salad dressing in this Vietnamese-style chicken slaw is one you’ll want to put on everything.

Wholesome wraps

Roll yourself up some of the good stuff. Tamarind chicken, pistachio pesto and aromatic additions like red onion pickle, fresh ginger and apple: this might be the freshest thing you make this week. Try the tamarind chicken cabbage wraps with pistachio pesto recipe here.

Also try the Asian-style steamed cabbage-and-chicken parcels recipe here or the Savoy cabbage rissoles recipe here.

Cabbage on toast

Cabbage sauteéd with roughly chopped bacon rashers and garlic, served on toasted bread and topped with Gouda. This is one budget meal worth remembering. Try the cabbage on toast recipe here, and find more meals on toast recipes here.

Discover more ways with cabbage here.

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