7 awesome single-serving recipes for those who live alone

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7 awesome single-serving recipes for those who live alone

Leftovers … again? Not with Khanya Mzongwana’s guide to cooking for one! She’s created 7 incredible recipes, that are perfect for those who are living alone, and still want something exciting for supper.

1. Potato-and-pear soup

This soup recipe is so quick that it’s perfect for a last-minute dinner when loadshedding is about to strike. It’s paired with a cheese-and-jam toastie for ultimate satifucation.

Potato-and-pear soup

Find the recipe for potato-and-pear soup here.

2. Chipotle-braised root veg

Pimp out your roast veg with this exciting Mexican twist. This is made with homemade Chipotle sauce and served with nacho chips, avo and sour cream. You can also double up the roast veg to blitz into a soup later, or wrap them in soft tortillas.

Chipotle-braised root veg

Find the recipe for chipotle-braised root veg here.

3. Pasta e fagioli

If you’re looking for something quick and comforting, this paste is it. Khanya says that the dish is like a pasta-forward minestrone, perfect for a freezing day.

Find the recipe for pasta e fagioli here. 

4. Chunky pan pizza

You don’t have to wait for guests or a special occasion to make a pizza from scratch. This chunky pan pizza was designed as a single serving for those who live alone and love to cook.


Find the recipes for chunky pan pizza here.

5. Sorghum-and-bean chilli

Nothing says comfort more than a pot of spicy chilli – all for yourself! Enjoy as, with crusty bread or your choice of starch.

Sorghum-and-bean chilli

Find the recipe for sorghum-and-bean chilli here.

6. Crispy rice with yellow chicken

This recipe was inspired by crispy rice cake that Khanya once made with a quick curry. The rice is combined with potato and fried until crispy!

Crispy rice with yellow chicken

Find the recipe for crispy rice with yellow chicken here.

7. Lamb shank roast

Sunday roast for one? Why not! This roast hits the spot for a lazy solo Sunday lunch – with just enough left for dinner. Add your favourite greens to complete the meal.

Lamb shank roast

Find the recipe for lamb shank roast here. 


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