7 brilliant budget recipes to beat JanuWorry

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7 brilliant budget recipes to beat JanuWorry

After the indulgences of the festive season and the slew of back to school supplies for those who’ve got kids, we’d wager your budget is probably looking pretty tight right now. But that doesn’t mean you have to make boring and unappetising meals. We’ve rounded up 7 brilliant budget-beating recipes that are quick, easy and guarantee tons of flavour.

Are you still trying to find your footing after a long festive break? The trick is to reach for affordable ingredients such as canned tuna or sardines, and bulk up meals with beans and hearty veggies. All these recipes are ready to serve in under 30 minutes. With less time spent in the kitchen, you have ample time to help any small fry with their homework or put your feet up after a long, hard day.

1. Everyday egg frittatas

Kick-start your day with these frittatas. The oven does all the work while you and your family get ready. Add your favourite toppings to the egg mixture: tuna chunks, chopped ham or last night’s leftover vegetables. These frittatas also freeze well so you can defrost them on days when you don’t have the time to make breakfast.

Get the recipe for everyday egg frittatas here. 

2. Chicken livers with ibhisto

When you can’t afford premium cuts of meat, go for offal. It’s very affordable. This recipe slightly differs from the usual creamy, peri-peri chicken version – and not having to buy cream makes this recipe even cheaper than other chicken liver recipes. It uses the classic South African tomato-based sauce, bhisto, to make a saucy dinner that you can mop up with crusty bread or serve over rice or pap.  Chicken-livers-with-ibhisto Get the recipe for chicken livers with ibhisto here.

3. Sausage-and-tomato bake

One-pot dinners are always a winner. Woolies’ ready-made bean salad can be transformed into a filling dinner. This recipe uses lamb sizzlers but if you’re on a budget, stick to affordable boerewors or even swap out the sausage for home-made meatballs.

Get the recipe for sausage-and-tomato bake with the smoky bean salad here.

4. Morogo with butternut

This recipe is a return to basics, from the hero of no-fuss cooking, Mogau Seshoene, a.k.a. The Lazy Makoti. There’s nothing as homely as a warm pap with gravy, spinach and butternut. It’s a go-to staple in many South African households and with good reason. This classic always hits the spot and will always stand the test of time. If you’re unsure about how to prepare pap, watch TASTE food contributor, Keletso Motau, give you a quick masterclass.

Morogo-with-butternutGet the recipe for morogo with butternut here. 

5. Leftover quesadillas

This recipe uses leftover braaied sweetcorn but if you’re not hosting any braais in the forseeable future, canned or frozen (thawed, of course) sweetcorn will work just as well. Serve with cannellini bean dip or bulk up the quesadillas with a big side salad. Leftover-quesadillasGet the recipe for leftover quesadillas here. 

6. Sardine pasta

Racing against the impending loadshedding schedule? This is the dinner to make. This recipe comes together in 15 minutes and we bet it’s about to be a new favourite. Canned smoked sardines are the star ingredients here and add saltiness, smokiness and plenty of flavour to this easy pasta. Sardine pastaGet the recipe for sardine pasta here. 

7. Broccoli-and-cheese toastie

“I always say, if you’re exploring a new ingredient (or trying to get kids to eat it), either churn it into ice cream or stack it on a grilled cheese sarmie. This sandwich is the thing you want to find in your lunchbox on a rainy day and is a tasty way to use up leftover broccoli – if there is such a thing!” says deputy food editor, Khanya Mzongwana. Broccoli-and-cheese toastie Get the recipe for broccoli-and-cheese toastie here. 

Looking for more recipes that give you bang for your buck? Browse our collection of great-value recipes here. 

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