7 creative edible gifts that will make you the favourite

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7 creative edible gifts that will make you the favourite

Struggling to come up with thoughtful gifts for your loved ones this festive season? You can’t go wrong with a home-made gift – and edible gifts are the best kind. Who wouldn’t prefer a jar of pickles or a batch of rum-spiked rusks to a pair of socks? Add a little personalised cheer to your stocking fillers this year with Khanya Mzongwana’s edible gifts – good enough to go viral!

1. Panettone granola

If you’re a fan of panettone and brunch, this is the perfect recipe. You need 100 g of panettone to make this – buy a big one and make a couple of batches to give to loved ones, or a small one and make it for the one person who will appreciate it most. Bonus: turning it into granola preserves this festive fave beautifully. Enjoy with fresh fruit and yoghurt, or with Khanya’s favourite: warm milk!

Panettone granola

Find the recipe for Panettone granola here.

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2. Pickled braaied mushrooms

Whether you’re new to pickling or an expert, this recipe is foolproof. It’s inspired by Woolworths’ grilled mushrooms, but Khanya’s version is tangier and sweeter. Plus, we’re South African – we love anything braaied!

Find the recipe for Pickled braaied mushrooms here. 

3. Braaied mielie atchar

We’re sticking to the braaied-and-pickled theme with this sensational braaied mielie atchar. It’s smoky and sweet, and can be eaten with a variety of things, including pizza, grilled chicken, or fried eggs and avo. You can store it in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Find the recipe for braaied mielie atchar here. 

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4. Curry leaf ricotta

This one is for the cheese lovers – and you can earn extra brownie points by making the ricotta from scratch! It may seem intimidating, but it’s a lot easier than you think. The chilli and curry leaves give this a unique, fragrant flavour.

Curry leaf ricotta

Find the recipe for curry leaf ricotta here. 

5. Rum-and-raisin rusks

Khanya fused her favourite ice cream flavour with one of South Africa’s most iconic treats: rusks! They’ll definitely be a hit with the rusk lovers out there. To keep your present fresh, put the rusks in a cellophane bag, seal, and place the bag in a wide glass jar with a lid. Add a handwritten note for a special touch.

Rum-and-raisin rusks

Find the recipe for rum-and-raisin rusks here.

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6. Tomato tamarind jam

If you know someone who loves bold flavours, make this for them – it’s sweet, sour and tangy, and the perfect addition to a cheeseboard.

Find the recipe for tomato tamarind jam here. 

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7. Green giardiniera

Not only is this a delicious veggie pickle, but the all-green palette gives it a lovely aesthetic too. Plus, it’s easy to make – and easy on the pocket. It lasts in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Find the recipe for green giardiniera here.

BONUS RECIPE: browned coconut butter

This is the ultimate vegan edible gift. It’s like a dulce de leche: smooth, rich, creamy, toasty and slightly nutty. Slather it on toast or pancakes, stir it into warm oats, spoon it over ice cream, or use it in baking as a vegan substitute wherever browned butter is called for. Plus, we made a lovely label to complete your gift – download the labels here

browned coconut butter

Find out how to make browned butter here. 

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