7 creative ways with hot cross buns (including how to make them from scratch)

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Take a traditional hot cross bun, toast it, spread with lashings of good butter and add a drizzle of honey. Enjoy with a cup of strong coffee. Repeat. And if you’re a non-purist (we all like to experiment a little), try one of these genius ideas featuring these beloved spiced sweet buns.

Traditionally served on Good Friday to mark the end of Lent, hot cross buns are enjoyed in the British Isles, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, some parts of the Americas… but not as much as they are here, we’re sure.

Stuffed roast chicken

Use your buns to make a yummy stuffing in this five-star roast chicken recipe.

hot cross buns

Try the hot cross bun-stuffed roast chicken recipe here.

Cranberry and orange buns with milk chocolate drizzle

These make-from-scratch buns have a citrusy twist and a decadent chocolate drizzle that we cannot resist.

Try the cranberry and orange hot cross buns with milk chocolate drizzle recipe here.

Beef burgers with spicy slaw

What’s a bun without a burger, really?

hot cross bun burger

Try the hot cross beef burgers with spicy slaw recipe here.

Bread-and-butter pudding with a sweet-and-spicy twist

One word. Yes.

Try the hot cross bun bread-and-butter pudding recipe here.

Beetroot salad tossed in yoghurt with spiced bun croutons

Beetroot salad tossed in yoghurt with spiced bun croutons recipe

Cook’s tip: This side is delicious with Woolies’ peppered beef fillets.

Try the beetroot salad tossed in yoghurt with spiced bun croutons recipe here.

Spiced ice-cream sandwiches

hot cross bun ice cream sandwich

Cook’s note: Hot cross buns with Woolies’ decadent pistachio ice cream? Why on Earth not?

Try the hot cross bun ice-cream sandwich recipe here.

Traditional home-made hot cross buns

Nothing beats a fresh pack of store-bought hot cross buns than a tray of them served warm from your very own oven.

Try the traditional home-made hot cross buns recipe here.

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