7 doable midweek meatball recipes

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7 doable midweek meatball recipes

Whether you’re making them yourself, or looking for new ways to use the ready-made version, meatballs are about to become your midweek MVP. We’ve got 7 recipes that prove there’s more meatballs than just spaghetti.

Lentil soup with chickpeas and lamb meatballs

Though we’re big fans of hearty, veg-heavy soups as is, the addition of meatballs – lamb in this case – makes this that bit richer.
12 ways to rethink lentilsGet the recipe for lentil soup with chickpeas and lamb meatballs here.

Beef-and-Bovril meatballs

This is a no-frills beef meatball recipe with the genius reminder that Bovril (or Marmite if you’re firmly in that camp) makes a great stock substitute. Perfect for the depths of winter.
Beef-and-Bovril-meatballsGet the recipe for beef-and-Bovril meatballs here.

Falafel sub

Give falafel the meatball treatment by stuffing them into a sandwich for an update on the usual pita set-up. The green sauce in this really does the most, so make double and pour it over grilled veggies, fish or chicken.
Falafel-subGet the recipe for falafel sub here.

Meatball lasagne

Okay, so this might not be the first midweek meal you think of, but if you’ve got a little extra time on your hands, this meatball lasagne is a great update to the classic.
meatball-and-roast-tomatoe-lasgneGet the recipe for meatball lasagne here.

Family-favourite frikkadels in onion gravy

Meatballs and mash will always be firm friends – especially when covered in this delicious onion gravy.
Get the recipe for family-favourite frikkadels in onion gravy here.

Tuna meatballs in tomato sauce

Pescatarians, you no longer have to feel left out of the meatball chat thanks to this clever pantry dinner.
Tuna meatballs in tomato sauceGet the recipe for tuna meatballs here.

Turmeric-and-coconut broth

This recipe not only feels extremely wholesome thanks to aromatics such as ginger and turmeric, but it also fills you up thanks to the inclusion of meatballs. This uses chicken but you could use pork or even the tuna version above.
meat-free meals: Turmeric-and-coconut broth recipeGet the recipe for turmeric-and-coconut broth here.

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