7 easy Valentine’s Day dinner ideas

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7 easy Valentine's Day dinner ideas

If the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, then perhaps the best way to celebrate Valentine’s day is with a homecooked meal. Whether you are nervous about your skills in the kitchen or don’t have time to make something elaborate, we have rounded up a selection of starters and mains that look super impressive, but are easy to make.


1. Caprese tray bake

This tray bake version of a Caprese salad takes just five minutes to prepare. Best served hot and with crusty bread,  you and your partner can bond over epic cheese pulls. If making a full tray is too much, make a smaller version in ramekins, although we do think sharing this one is a lot more fun!

Caprese tray bake

Find the recipe for Caprese tray bake here. 

2. Mushroom carpaccio

Looking to make something fresher and less indulgent to start off with? This mushroom carpaccio is marinated in parsley, lime juice and olive oil, then topped with hazelnut salsa verde. The result is a clean appetiser that bursts with flavour.

Mushroom carpaccio

Find the recipe for mushroom carpaccio here.

3. Summer ceviche salad

This may sound intimidating, but we promise it’s super-easy to make. Lightly smoked trout is pickled in lemon juice and Woolies’ pickling condiment and served with quick-pickled vegetables. Enjoy as is, or serve it with a carrot, orange and couscous salad as a light meal. P.S: This is a David Higgs recipe, so you can name drop for extra points with your Valentine!

Summer ceviche salad

Find the recipe for summer ceviche salad here. 

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4. Stuffed chicken fillets with horseradish-creamed spinach

Colourful, packed with flavour and ready in 35 minutes? This chicken dish is a definite winner. The chicken is stuffed with chorizo and Woolworths’ mascarpone with ricotta sundried tomato and basil pesto. It’s served with lemony herbs and the horseradish cream adds a nice kick.

Stuffed chicken fillets with horseradish-creamed spinach

Find the recipe for stuffed chicken fillets with horseradish-creamed spinach here 

5. Chuck steaks with café de Paris butter

Steaks are always a great quick dinner option but, since this is a special occasion, take things up a notch with home-made café de Paris butter. This version of café de Paris butter isn’t the purest, but it’s adaptable and can be made using ingredients you already have in your fridge and pantry, such as herbs, mustard or lemons. Roast potatoes round off the meal perfectly.

Chuck steaks with café de Paris butter

Find the recipe for Chuck steaks with café de Paris butter here. 

6. Ultimate peri-peri sauce with hake

Sure, you can buy a ready-made sauce, or you could blow your partner’s mind with this home-made peri-peri sauce. It works beautifully with the hake, plus the dish can be made on the braai if you’re in the mood to be outdoors.

Ultimate peri-peri sauce with hake

Find the recipe for ultimate peri-peri sauce with hake here.

7. Whole roasted broccoli

This vegan option makes for a stunning centrepiece for your dinner table, plus it’s fuss-free and affordable.  It’s dressed in a leek, garlic and lemon oil and takes just 20 minutes to prepare. Your oven does the rest.


Find the recipe for whole roast broccoli here.

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