7 of our best hot puddings to keep the winter chill at bay

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7 of our best hot puddings to keep the winter chill at bay

From malva pudding to chocolate pudding, our best desserts for winter have one thing in common: they’re all guaranteed to lift your spirits!

1. Citrusy bread-and-butter pudding

Bread-and-butter pudding is a fairly cost-effective pudding to make, and this one takes things to new winter-y levels with seasonal citrus.
Get the recipe for citrusy bread-and-butter pudding.

2. Chocolate malva pudding

Don’t panic – there’s a classic malva coming later in this list. But first let’s take a moment to admire this chocolate version. It was originally intended for the Easter table, but if you don’t have access to Easter egg shells, it works just as well with a bit of chopped milk chocolate.
Chocolate malva puddingGet the recipe for chocolate malva pudding here.

3. Clemengold pudding

The mere idea of seeing ClemenGolds in store makes us excited for winter, and this custardy winner is the ultimate celebration of our favourite winter fruit.
Get the recipe for Clemengold pudding here.

4. Twice-baked chocolate soufflés with coffee sauce

All of the reward of a soufflé with none of the stress. This recipe also gets bonus points for combining two of our favourite flavours – coffee and chocolate.
Get the recipe for twice-baked chocolate soufflés with coffee sauce here.

5. Isijingi

This delicate pumpkin dish is also commonly served as a side for meat, but transform it into a pudding and it becomes the very definition of a hug in a bowl – one that could also double as a hearty winter breakfast.
Isijingi (pumpkin pudding) recipeGet the recipe for isijingi here.

6. Banana bread-and-butter pudding with easy salted caramel sauce

When the day finally arrives that you can’t bear to eat another slice of banana bread, we offer you this salted caramel, bread-and-butter pudding version. You’re welcome.
Get the recipe for banana bread-and-butter pudding with easy salted caramel sauce here.

7. Individual malva puddings

We promised you a classic malva, and here it is! This recipe is a favourite amongst the TASTE team, and the one we turn to when real malva is required. Turn them out of the ramekins for a full soak in the syrup, or if you prefer, bake one large pudding instead.
Get the recipe for individual malva puddings here.

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