7 new ways to worship pasta

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7 new ways to worship pasta

Look, we’re never going to turn down a classic carbonara, but there are some cool new techniques and ingredients on our radar. Penne cooked risotto-style? Yes! Cured egg yolk instead of Parmiagiano? Why not? Here’s how to use your noodle with even more flair.

1. Make a penne “risotto”

Cylindrical pasta shapes like penne are perfect for chunky sauces that get caught up in the tubes. Food editor Abigail Donnelly calls this risotto-pasta hybrid a rissasta!

Try: toasted penne with pork meatballs

2. Go nuts – and forget the Parmesan!

Nutty notes in pasta add a delicious extra layer of flavour – toasted hazelnuts work well with the smokiness of bacon.

Cured egg yolks are a great way to season pasta instead of using Parmesan. Once you’ve cured the yolks, they can be stored in a Ziploc bag in the freezer for up to three months. You can also substitute Parmesan with kelp powder, nutritional yeast flakes, ground sesame seeds and toasted breadcrumbs.

Try: Tagliatelle with mint pea puree, toasted hazelnuts, bacon and cured egg yolk.

3. Improvise. That’s what your pantry is for!

And you thought Marmite was just for buttery toast! This is a great pasta to whip up with pantry and fridge basics. Farfalloni – pasta shaped like butterflies or bowties – works well with light, flavour-packed sauces like this.

Try: Farfalloni with marmite-and-onion sauce

4. Make pasta from scratch

You don’t even need a pasta machine. A rolling pin will do the trick.

Try: rotolo with brunt sage and lemon

5. Go over to the dark side

Charcoal powder (found at health stores) is the latest trend in cooking – added to everything from juices to breads and cakes – and a great way to add colour to food.

Try: charcoal pasta with seaweed butter

6. Fall for cuttlefish-ink spaghetti

Cuttlefish-ink pasta is not all about the dramatic colour – it also has a salty, marine flavour that adds extra dimension to your dish.

Try: cuttlefish-ink spaghetti with green olive sourdough sauce and Brussels sprouts

7. Rethink readymade lasagne

We’re calling these deep-fried lasagne bites the new chilli popper!

Try: deep-fried lasagne

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