7 nostalgic dishes the kids will love

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7 nostalgic dishes the kids will love

Tired of fussy kids battling with you every dinnertime? Give in (kind of) with these kid-friendly dishes the whole family will approve of too.

1. German hot dog

This gourmet dog is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser across all age groups. Use any sausages you like, and omit the mustard and sauerkraut for the little ones if you need to.
German hot dogGet the recipe for these German hot dogs here.

2. Tomato soup with egg ’n cheese toasties

What is about a bowl of tomato soup that makes you feel like a kid again? Throw in a cheese toastie and you’ll wonder why you don’t eat this childhood wonder more often.
Get the recipe for tomato soup with egg ’n cheese toasties here.

3. Fish finger butty

Before you dismiss this as something solely for the kids, just picture biting into a squishy roll studded with crisp fish and a zippy tartare sauce. Now tell us you don’t want this for dinner.
fish finger buttyGet the recipe for this fish finger butty here.

4. Kayla-Ann Osborn’s gran’s Bolognese

The classics are such for a reason, and there’s yet to be a dish kids like more than Bolognese. Serve with penne, which are easier for small fingers to eat or even top with mash for a cheat’s Cottage Pie. This is also a great way to sneak in extra veggies – the kids will never know.
Get the recipe for Kayla-Ann’ Osborn’s gran’s Bolognese here.

5. Two-ingredient pizza bases

If you feel like giving your kids pizza for dinner is a total cop-out, we’re here to tell you it’s not. Especially when they’re homemade and as delicious as these. Double on the value points here by letting the little ones knead their own dough, and choose their own toppings.
Get the recipe for this two-ingredient pizza base here.

6. Brownie ice-cream bars with cornflake crisp and hot toffee sauce

Essentially just a brownie topped with ice cream, the extra accoutrements in the form of toffee sauce and cornflake crisp mean this dessert will feel refined enough for grown-up kids too.
Get the recipe for these brownie ice-cream bars with cornflake crisp and hot toffee sauce here.

7. Banana split ice-cream cake

Sure, you could just serve them a banana split with hot chocolate sauce, or you could take things up a notch with this super easy amalgamation of two nostalgic desserts.
Get the recipe for this banana split ice-cream cake here.


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