7 recipes guaranteed to cure your New Year’s Eve hangover (or at least make you feel slightly less wretched)

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7 recipes guaranteed to cure your New Year’s Eve hangover (or at least make you feel slightly less wretched)

Celebrated a little too hard last night? We feel you. We’ve got a round-up of hangover-busting recipes to set you right (so you can go back to bed, ASAP!).

Best bloody Mary

Let’s start with the obvious, you’re going to need a (medicinal) Bloody Mary. This version from Hannah will restore you in no time thanks to the addition of pickle juice and lots of Tabasco.

Get the recipe for the best Bloody Mary here.

Jammy egg toastie

There are breakfast sandwiches and then there is this hearty number guaranteed to have you feeling better in no time.

Get the recipe for jammy egg toastie here.

Three-cheese toastie

Can’t face an egg? This classic, three-cheese toastie will do the trick. Best served in bed with the curtains drawn.

Get the recipe for three-cheese toastie here.

Bertus Basson’s ultimate burger

Is there a better hangover cure than the ultimate cheeseburger? We think not.
Bertus Basson's ultimate burger
Get the recipe for Bertus Basson’s ultimate burger here.

Sticky stir-fry noodles

A packet of noodles has been known to save many of us from our hangovers, and this ramped-up version (complete with chicken schnitzels) is nothing short of a godsend.

Get the recipe for sticky stir-fry noodles here.

Carbonara with chunky pork

For the hangover where you need bacon and eggs, but it’s dinner time.

Get the recipe for carbonara with chunky pork here.

Crispy buttermilk-brined fried chicken

If you trust yourself around hot oil, fried chicken doused in hot sauce will have you feeling like a whole new person.
Crispy buttermilk-brined fried chicken recipe
Get the recipe for crispy buttermilk-brined fried chicken here.

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