7 sensational recipes that celebrate Spring produce

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7 sensational recipes that celebrate Spring produce

We’re counting down the days to sunny weather! From melons and cherries to asparagus and artichokes, spring promises vibrant fresh produce that we can’t wait to serve at braais, picnics and al fresco dinner parties.

1. Sweet melons

Here’s a tip: the best salads combine sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy and zesty flavours and textures. This melon and cured ham salad ticks all the boxes! Melon and cured ham salad
Get the recipe for melon and cured ham salad here. 

2. Cherries

Nothing says abundance likes a rustic pie made with thick, crumbly pastry and packed with seasonal fruit. Planning a picnic? This cherry pie is a no-brainer.  
Get the recipe for blueberry-and-cherry pie here.

3. Spring greens

Put a twist on a winter classic with this light version of minestrone. The green colour is vibrant and just yells, “spring!”. If you’re in desperate need to clean out the fridge, this soup is the perfect recipe.
Get the recipe for green minestrone here. 

4. Radishes

We love crunchy, peppery radishes. This is a great way to make them last longer in your fridge. You can pickle them whole or thinly slice these bulbs before adding to your pickling liquid. They’ll add a briny, crunchy addition to sandwiches, salads and soups. Radish pickle recipeGet the recipe for radish pickle here. 

5. Baby potatoes

This isn’t your average potato salad. Forgo the mayo for basil pesto, add crunch with purple shredded cabbage, and swap bacon bites for flaked smoked snoek. Your guests will be begging you for the recipe. Baby potato salad with basil pesto and hot-smoked snoek recipeGet the recipe for baby potato salad with basil pesto and hot-smoked snoek here. 

6. Asparagus

Asparagus is the first ingredient that comes to mind when listing spring produce. You can keep things simple by blanching these green spears and tossing them in a vinaigrette, or take things to the next level with this soufflé omelette – the perfect weekend brunch.

Get the recipe for soufflé omelette with chive crème fraîche and asparagus here. 

7. Artichokes

Sure, you can make a quick artichoke dip or serve marinated artichokes on a charcuterie board, but these crispy fritters put a twist on artichoke appetisers. Squeeze some lemon over these crispy fritters or serve with a creamy yoghurt dip.

Get the recipe for crispy artichoke fritters here. 

8. Gem lettuce 

Gem lettuce grows best in autumn and spring due to the cool weather. Its leaves make the perfect, crunchy, gluten-free wraps. Add smoked salmon, avo, apple slices and dress with mayo before topping with sesame seeds and pickled ginger. Enjoy as a light lunch.

Get the recipe for lettuce wraps with smoked trout and avocados here. 

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