7 sweet treats and bakes to spoil mom this Mother’s Day

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7 sweet treats and bakes to spoil mom this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation for mom with one of these 7 sweet treats and bakes. You don’t have to be a pro to ace them – try the coffee loaf for novice bakers or go all out with a decadent chocolate cake with caramel and almond brittle.

We know it’s not easy finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift. But showing mom you care doesn’t always have to be big and expensive. Sometimes, the little gestures hold just as much weight.

If all her favourite restaurants are fully booked, you still haven’t come up with a great gift, or can’t splurge on mom because your budget is tight, these recipes will show her you care.

1. Biscuits: Red velvet crackle biscuits

The older you get, the more you realise that mom has all the hot goss. These crackle biscuits will make the perfect accompaniment while you catch up over tea and coffee.

Get the recipe for red velvet crackle biscuits here. 

2. Tea cakes: Madeleines

Not only do these traditional French shell-like cakes look pretty, they taste fantastic, too. They’re made using a sponge-like batter called genoise (get fancy for mom). The Earl Grey tea adds an unexpected flavour but feel free to use mom’s favourite flavours if tea isn’t her thing. Add cocoa powder, lemon zest, or jam in the centre once they’re baked. You’ll need a special baking tray to achieve the shell shape, but they should work just fine in a cupcake pan too, if that’s all you’ve got.

Get the recipe for Earl Grey madeleines here. 

3. The loaf: Coffee loaf 

Remember that loaf tin you bought during lockdown to make banana bread? It’s time to put it to good use again! If you’re worried about botching a baking recipe, this is our foolproof suggestion. You can skip the cannoli cream but it’s worth taking a few minutes to whip it up for Mother’s Day. Spread it over the loaf once it’s cooled or slather on slices once served.

Coffee loafGet the recipe for coffee loaf here. 

4. Made for sharing: Giant cinnamon bun

Celebrating all the mothers and maternal figures in the family? Break bread with all your favourite women to make this giant cinnamon bun. Don’t be intimidated – food contributor Hannah Lewry’s easy steps make it a breeze. Giant-cinnamon-bun Get the recipe for giant cinnamon bun here. 

5. Easy as pie: Reduced sugar rustic apple tart

Think of this tart as an ode to the apple that mom packed in your lunchbox and you tried your hardest to trade for a packet of chips on the playground. An easy, gluten-free pastry base is filled with a reduced-sugar custard and topped with thinly sliced apples arranged in a checkered pattern. The best part about this recipe is that you won’t get the usual “it’s too sweet” feedback from mom. Food director Abigail Donnelly manages to make a balanced treat that everyone will appreciate.

Apple tartGet the recipe for reduced sugar rustic apple tart here. 

6. Mandatory dessert: Strawberry-and-apple cobbler

If you’re going all out with lunch, keep dessert simple. This manages to be an impressive finish to your Mother’s Day lunch without needing too much technique or hogging the oven. We’ve stuck to seasonal strawberries and apples, but you can swap them for mom’s favourite fruit (blueberries, pears and persimmons will work well). Serve with custard for the ultimate end to your meal. Get the recipe for strawberry-and-apple cobbler here.

7. Tiered showstopper: Chocolate cake with caramel-and-almond brittle

The recipe comes from a true matriarch: TASTE contributor Jacqueline Burgess’s nonagenarian grandmother. The batter calls for a whopping 400 g of grated chocolate which gives it a truly luxe, chocolatey flavour, unlike any other chocolate cake you’ve ever had. Top with Caramel Treat for an easy icing, and add the homemade almond brittle if you want to go all out.

Get the recipe for chocolate cake with caramel and almond brittle here.

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