7 warm puddings to satisfy your cravings

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7 warm puddings to satisfy your cravings

When it’s chilly outside and you’re craving something indulgent, you can’t go wrong with a warm pudding! Whether you’re looking for a dessert for a dinner party or just want something sweet after your meal, we’ve rounded up 7 irresistible puddings for you to enjoy. They cover everything from classic bread puddings to rich chocolate malva!

1. Potato pudding with stewed fruit

If you haven’t tried this traditional Cape Malay dessert, this is a sign to make it! We know potatoes are the ultimate comfort ingredient, so to have them in pudding form is a dream. The pudding is full of aromatic warm spices and it’s topped with stewed fruit for some tanginess. This recipe is by the legendary Fatima Sydow, so you know it won’t disappoint.

Potato pudding with stewed fruit

Find the recipe for potato pudding with stewed fruit here. 

2. Orange-and-pistachio bread pudding

Sure, you’ve had bread pudding, but have you ever made an orange-and-pistachio version? This recipe by Clement Pedro is so easy to make, plus he made a citrus custard that takes this pudding to new heights. You can swap the pistachios for dark or milk chocolate chips.

Orange-and-pistachio bread pudding

Find the recipe for orange-and-pistachio bread pudding here.

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3. Sticky toffee ginger pudding 

Interested in something a little more spicy? Indulge in Hannah Lewry’s sticky toffee ginger pudding with a luscious ginger caramel sauce. If you’re a fan of sticky toffee puddings, you need to have this recipe in your repertoire.

Find the recipe for sticky toffee ginger pudding here. 

4. Lemon queen of puddings

This lemon queen of puddings by Abigail Donnelly is a sure-fire way to impress your guests. If you serve it at your next gathering, it’s sure to be a hit, trust us!


Find the recipe for lemon queen of puddings here.

5. Braaied butternut pudding 

This recipe proves that butternut can be dessert! Inspired by a Zimbabwean snack called nhopi, Vusi Ndlovu added caramelised white chocolate into the mix to make it even more indulgent. Plus, you can make the butternut while you braai so it will be ready by dessert time.

Braaied butternut pudding

Find the recipe for braaied butternut pudding here.

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6. Chocolate malva pudding

Malva is always a must whenever we round up warm puddings. For this list, we’ve opted for Mogau Seshoene, a.k.a The Lazy Makoti’s, chocolate malva pudding. There’s cocoa in the pudding and chocolate in the sauce!


Find the recipe for chocolate malva pudding here. 

7. Baked ice-cream croissant pudding 

Not sure what to do with those leftover croissants? Make this pudding! You need just 6 ingredients and Hannah Lewry’s recipe is so easy to follow, there’s no way to mess it up. It will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings.

Find the recipe for baked ice-cream croissant pudding here. 

WANT MORE WARM PUDDINGS? Check out the recipe collection here. 


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