7 ways to dress up that salad

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7 ways to dress up that salad

We’re not dissing your go-to vinaigrette, we’re just saying there’s a whole world of oils, vinegars and reductions out there to make a splash with. And they’re pretty giftworthy, too.


1. A fresh summer fruit salad drizzled with a sweet-tart blackberry oil-free dressing*? We have a winner, folks.

2. Kind of like Christmas in a bottle, this Cape lemon, olive oil and balsamic splash* hits the high notes with lemon- infused olive oil and a sweet, earthy one with cranberry-infused balsamic vinegar and pomegranate reduction. Drizzle over rare roast lamb, eat and be merry.

3. Apple balsamic condiment*:great for drizzling over salads and as a dipping sauce with extra virgin oil; even better used for deglazing your pork chop pan or sprinkling onto roast peaches and plums.

4. Packing a gentle,aromatic heat, chilli-flavoured olive oil* is one of those hot little numbers you can use on pretty much anything: crispy-fried eggs on toast, fresh pasta with Parmesan shavings, pulled-pork tacos, braaied fish…


5. The best pork belly you’ve ever had? Roasted with pears, onion and bay leaves in a mixture of chicken stock and verjuice* – unfermented green-harvested grape juice that has a zesty sweetness we can’t ever seem to get enough of.

6. You don’t want to over power the delicate saffron flavour and slightly sweet taste of this infused white balsamic condiment*. Dress to impress by drizzling it over a simple salad of feta, avo, chopped toasted almonds and butter lettuce.

7. Thick and syrupy,pomegranate juice concentrate* is pleasantly sweet, but also has a great acidic kick. Go the Middle Eastern route and use it to glaze chargrilled brinjals and roast lamb and serve with flatbreads, or go wild and drizzle over vanilla ice cream.

*Available at selected Woolworths stores.
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