7 weekend cooking projects you haven’t thought of yet

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7 weekend cooking projects you haven't thought of yet

You’ve made your own sourdough, and you’ve mastered homemade pasta, it’s time to level up to these weekend cooking projects.


1. Koeksisters

This South African classic is by no means difficult to make, but can be a little time-consuming and includes deep-frying, which requires extra clean up. The secret with these guys is to ensure your syrup is ice-cold, so that a crisp outer layer forms. Koeksisters also freeze very well, so the effort is well worth it. We think they’re actually best straight from the freezer.
Get the recipe for koeksisters.

2. Bao buns

If you can make bread, you can (in theory) make steamed bao buns. These fluffy little guys are one of the cornerstones of Chinese cuisine, but they’re surprisingly easy to make. Just give yourself the afternoon for all the kneading, proving and rising these require. Once they’re done, you can fill them with all manners of delicious things, like slow-cooked shredded pork shoulder, fried chicken or crispy aubergine.
Bao with kimchi and folded omelette recipeGet the recipe for bao buns. 

3. Beef Wellington with homemade puff pastry

Beef Wellington alone isn’t that difficult to master, but there’s obviously a bit of skill required to ensure you don’t overcook the fillet or end up with soggy pastry. Making your own puff pastry might seem unnecessary when you can get such good quality store-bought options, but let’s get real, you’ve got time on your hands now and you may as well make the most of it. Follow our easy guide to puff pastry here, then go onto perfect your very own Wellington.
Get the recipe for beef Wellington here.

4. Ramen

If you know your stuff, you’ll know that when we say ramen, we don’t mean the dried two-minute noodles. We’re talking about the slow-cooked pork broth, pork belly and accoutrements that will keep you preoccupied for most of the day. This recipe makes enough ramen for 16 people, and you could easily halve the recipe down, or make the broth to this quantity and freeze it for future ramen cravings.
Get the recipe for ramen here.

5. Cannoli

You know why cannoli taste so good? Because they’re a real labour of love, and you can taste the effort that’s gone into them. Not that they’re particularly difficult, they do just call for a bit of patience and practice, but once you’ve got that waxed, you’ll be lean, mean cannolo-machine.
Get the recipe for cannoli here.

6. Doughnuts

We’d be hard-pressed to find something we love more than doughnuts, particularly when they’re still warm out of the fryer and filled with a rich ganache. For those of you who are comfortable working with yeast, doughnuts are the next logical step. Follow the recipe below as is if you’re partial to chocolate, but if you can’t be bothered with the filling, you could also use Nutella, apricot jam or a salted caramel sauce.
Get the recipe for doughnuts.

7. Pasteis de nata

Admittedly, this isn’t the most authentic of pasteis recipes, however, the technique required to get the custard right is what’s most crucial here. Learn the art of custard, and you’ll never look back. You can omit the coffee from these if you want, and simply leave them as vanilla.
Get the recipe for pasteis de nata.

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