8 amazing recipes for every kind of dad

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8 amazing recipes for every kind of dad

There’s more to dad than biltong, nuts and beer. These recipes are to celebrate all dads – from the ones who binge NatGeo doccies to the braai wiz. 

Still not sure what feast to prepare for dad this Father’s Day? These recipes will ensure you don’t lose your title as dad’s favourite. We’re thinking outside the box: plan a hike with your adventurous dad or assemble a moreish platter for the big game later. Here’s what to make for every kind of dad.


If your dad is always reminding you to recycle or loves to volunteer at beach clean-ups and animal rescue centres, this tagine is going to blow him away!

Get the recipe for sweet potato tagine here.

Adventure addict

This dad is always game for something thrilling, new and exciting. He always orders something new when you eat out and has a Rolodex of stories about his travels and expeditions. Don’t stick to a regular cut of meat for this dad who’ll try anything once – these braised pork trotters are a winner.


Get the recipe for ngatha (pork trotters) here.

Posh papa

This recipe is for the dad who’s always dressed to the nines, is a regular at fine-dining restaurants and never flies economy. If your dad loves the finer things in life, here’s what to serve.

Get the recipe for Thai-inspired pork belly here.

Early riser

If your dad is a morning person, why wait until lunch to serve him his Father’s Day feast? Take a leaf out of the old man’s book – this loaded breakfast is totally worth it. Extra points if you manage to get up before him and serve him breakfast in bed (why do moms get to have all the fun?).


Get the recipe for sausage potato hash with poached eggs here.

Steakhouse plug

This dad knows where every steakhouse in your area is. He probably refers to a salad as garnish and is the king of the braai. We’re not messing with his faves, steak and potatoes is the winning meal for this dad.

Roast sirloin with sweet potato bake

Get the recipe for roast sirloin with sweet potato bake here.

Hot one

This recipe is for the dad who reaches for the bottle of hot sauce before he even tastes his food. He loves his food extra spicy and barely flinches when biting into a chilli. Don’t dial down the heat, make this classic curry instead.

Get the recipe for Thai beef curry here.

Fish fanatic

From fish and chips to lobster thermidor, this dad loves seafood. This recipe serves the whole family while you share your favourite memories of dad. He’s going to love it.

Yellowtail with coriander pesto and two sauces

Get the recipe for yellowtail with coriander pesto here.

Sweetie pie

This dad always has room for dessert, so don’t let him down.  This brandy pudding is just what this dessert-loving dad needs to end off his amazing day.

Get the recipe for Cape brandy pudding here.

Taste would love to wish all fathers, mentors, uncles and father figures a wonderful Father’s Day.

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