There’s more to avocado than avo toast (including a few sweet treats)

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There’s more to avocado than avo toast (including a few sweet treats)

Celebrate the arrival of avocado season with these 8 recipes starring our favourite fruit. And if you’re ready to expand your avo horizons, we’ve thrown in two dessert recipes that showcase avo’s sweeter side, too.

Sure, avocado toast is one of our greatest, simple pleasures – but avo is also the star ingredient in a few of our other favourite dishes. Who are we kidding? Of course you know this already. But if, like us, you adore avo… it’s an essential ingredient in every meal … we welcome avo season with open arms and plan our meals around the tastiest fruit on the planet.

Take a second to imagine that moment of truth when you slice an avo, twist to open it up and… it’s absolutely perfect. A simple moment of pure food joy. Now, incorporate said glorious avocado in the following fabulous recipes:

The quesadilla

If you don’t have time to crumb a schnitzel midweek (and really, who does?), this is the recipe for you. Yours in just 25 minutes.

Get the recipe here.

The Buddha bowl

Avo is a non-negotiable ingredient to our favourite quick-to-assemble midweek lunches.
Get the recipe here.

The avo toast

Ah, avo on toast. The apparent reason that millenials can’t afford to buy homes. While we won’t delve into the ridiculousness of this statement (recession, who dis?), we will use this opportunity to remind you that Woolies is running a four-day deal on avocados this week (24 –27 May). Get 20% off any two avocado packs*. Ts&Cs apply.

Get the recipe here

The pasta

The matrimony of two of our favourite foods: guacamole and pasta. Need we say more?

Get the recipe here.

The winter warming salad

Bacon, avo and anchovies are the star of this bold winter warming salad. And butter. A fair amount of butter. Let’s not get technical over the word “salad” here.

Get the recipe here.

The poké plates

Now that’s what it’s all about!
Get the recipe here

The nachos

A compilation of best ever avocado recipes would be incomplete without nachos, right? These double-corn nachos take 5 minutes to assemble, and 5 to grill.

Get the recipe here.

The chocolate pâté

Are you ready to take your love for avocado to the next level? This avocado pâté is a good introduction to using avo in sweet dishes. Avo adds creaminess to the pâté, while the earthiness of the cocoa emphasises the sweetness of the avocado. Use as an alternative to cake icing or freeze to make a delicious dessert.

Get the recipe here.

The cake

We know, we know. This may push your avo boundaries, but you’ll have to trust us on this one! The icing is made from avocado, cream cheese, coconut sugar, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. Bake it, taste it and thank us later.

Get the recipe here.

Hankering after avocado? Good news! Woolies is running a four-day avocado deal this week! From 24 to 27 May 2018, you’ll get 20% of any two avo packs. Ts&Cs apply: Includes single/2/4/6 pack punnets, 1 kg value bag and loose avocados. Avo varieties on promotion are Fuerte and Hass. Offer excludes guacamole. While stocks last. Offer valid on full-priced items only. WRewards offer exclusive to members – if you a Woolworths or MySchool cardholder you’re automatically a member. Offer valid 24–26 May 2018. Please note: not all stores carry the same ranges, WRewards may not be available in al stores. Subject to availability.

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