8 budget cut recipes that you need to try

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8 budget cut recipes that you need to try

PSA: Cutting down on costs doesn’t mean compromising on flavour! From a totally genius boerewors lasagne to Jamaican oxtail that’s worth the wait, Khanya Mzongwana’s great-value recipes will put meat on your bones this winter.

Whether red meat is a luxury for you or not, there is a lot to love about less expensive cuts and the value of making a little go a long way. Colder nights call for an on-the-bone kind of comfort. I’ve made everything from cheat’s oxtail and boerie lasagne, to an ox tongue toastie and beef cheek hand pies – you could call it my tongue-and-cheek approach to winter.

1. Braised shortrib rashers

Is there anyone who doesn’t love shortrib? The rashers always made it onto my mom’s grocery list because of their affordability and versatility. My late aunt Phila would prepare the thinly sliced ones in the oven with plenty of salty seasoning to serve with slap chips.


Find the recipe for braised shortrib rashers here.

2. Grilled Kassler chops

My enduring memory of Kassler chops was eating them once a week in the cafeteria when I worked at a hotel in Gqeberha. I ate them with mashed potatoes and no veg whatsoever. This is a suited-and-tied version.

Grilled Kassler chops

Find the recipe for grilled Kassler chops here. 

3. Boerewors lasagne

This lasagne does an excellent job of stretching this flavourful sausage into a meal that everyone will love. I’ve made it using my mom’s wors of choice: Woolies’ Grabouw boerewors.

boerewors lasagne

Find the recipe for Boerewors lasagne here.

4. Jamaican-style oxtail stew 

I’ve made oxtail 1 000 times, but never like this! Abigail shared her secret to making it go further – add lamb knuckles. Then, give it a Caribbean twist with butter beans and Scotch bonnet chillies. This may require a bigger budget than the rest, but it’ll go a long way.
Jamaican-style oxtail stew 

Find the recipe for Jamaican-style oxtail stew here.

5. Corned tongue grilled cheese

This sexy sarmie was my introduction to corned tongue. It’s a surprisingly good cold cut to add to your next sandwich with good cheese and some pickles.

Corned tongue grilled cheese

Find the recipe for corned tongue grilled cheese here.

6. Tripe stew

You either already love tripe (ulusu) or you’re about to love it!

Tripe stew

Find the recipe for tripe stew here.

7. Roast turkey mac ’n cheese

I love turkey – and I love its price tag, too! It takes a while to cook, but is very hands-off. A handful of Woolies’ streaky crackles add fun and crunch to this easy supper.

Roast turkey mac ’n cheese

Find the recipe for roast turkey mac ’n cheese here.

8. Beef cheek hand pies

Beef cheek may not be easy to find (you can also use beef shortrib) but it’s worth the hunt. The meat is super tender and succulent when cooked low and slow, and shredding it and stuffing into puff pastry may just be its best incarnation yet.

Beef cheek hand pies

Find the recipe for beef cheek hand pies here.


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