8 exciting recipes to shake up your dinner game

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8 exciting recipes to shake up your dinner game

From TikTok to bar food, Hannah Lewry drew inspiration from all sources to create deliciously different dinner recipes. She put a classic TikTok recipe through its paces, invented a cheat’s cassoulet, put meatballs in minestrone and baked a batch of Thai red curry chicken wings for your midweek dining pleasure.

1. Roast feta gnocchi

Remember the viral baked feta pasta of 2020? Well, we never got over how good it was. Hannah Lewry puts her own spin on it with this butter-roasted balsamic-and-tomato version. Add the caper brine to the tomatoes for extra flavour and, if you want a richer version, you could pan-fry the blanched gnocchi and use Woolworths’ Danish feta. Serve all versions with fresh basil.


Find the recipe for roast feta gnocchi here. 

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2. Chicken piccata

Whether you’re cutting down on carbs or just looking for something different, this chicken piccata is served with a honeyed butternut-and-carrot mash that will blow your mind. The veggie mash adds a sweet, earthy contrast to the chicken, but you can have it with regular mash if you prefer.

Find the recipe for chicken piccata here. 

3. One-pan pork chops

If you have canned beans in your pantry, you need to make this recipe today. It’s quick, easy and super-comforting. You could serve this cheat’s cassoulet ladled into bowls and topped with shredded baby spinach. Allow the greens to wilt in the hot, brothy beans.


Find the recipe for one-pan pork chops here. 

4. Teriyaki-glazed steak

If you’re also into the trend of eating delicious things served with creamy things, this recipe is for you. Sweet teriyaki-glazed steak and crispy sweet potatoes are served with a zesty lime crème fraîche for an awesome flavour contrast. Hannah recommends slicing the steak before serving to make it go further, and pouring over the pan juices for extra flavour.


Find the recipe for teriyaki-glazed steak here.

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5. Thai red curry chicken wings

Do you really need an excuse to dig into some saucy wings on a weeknight? We didn’t think so! Baking the wings in the coconut milk and Thai curry paste really allows the chicken fat and flavour to emulsify with the sauce, creating tender, fall-off-the-bone meat. For even better results, place the chicken wings in a bowl or a large Ziploc bag and marinate in the fridge overnight. When you get home, all you have to do is bake the chicken and cook the rice.


Find the recipe for Thai red curry chicken wings here. 

6. Sweet potato-and-Cremezola bake

This salty, creamy, lemony dish has delicious bursts of sweetness from the peas. Hannah likes to make it the main event and serve it with cauliflower soup, pan-fried hake, or sliced steak on the side.


Find the recipe sweet potato-and-Cremezola bake here. 

7. Green minestrone and frikkadels

This is Hannah’s ultimate quick-and-easy green minestrone. It’s even better the next day and delicious with a dash of Woolworths’ chilli oil and a generous amount of Parmesan. Searing the frikkadels first ensures that you seal in flavour while giving them some colour, and poaching them to finish cooking keeps them plump and succulent.

green minestrone and frikkadels

Find the recipe for green minestrone and frikkadels here. 

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8. Moroccan roast veggies with chickpeas

This dish is veggie-forward and packed with flavour. The secret is cooking the chickpeas in the Moroccan tagine paste, then removing them to keep that burst of flavour when serving. Pour the reserved chickpea brine into the paste jar and shake to use up all the remaining paste. The brine also acts as a natural thickener.

Moroccan roast veggies

Find the recipe for Moroccan roast veggies with chickpeas here. 

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