8 magical gammon recipes to complete your Christmas feast

By TASTE, 8 December 2023

A Christmas feast is not complete without gammon – and we know this because, when we asked you what the ultimate Christmas food is, an overwhelming majority of you said gammon. So, in the spirit of giving, we’ve rounded up 8 of our best gammon recipes to help you plan your festive feast. Enjoy!

1. Gammon with Champagne-and-peach glaze

Christmas is a celebration, and nothing epitomises that like some bubbly. So why not have it in your glass and your gammon? This recipe by Hannah Lewry is delightfully sticky – plus it feels extra-special because of the added Cap Classique.

Gammon with Champagne-and-peach glaze

Find the recipe for gammon with Champagne-and-peach glaze here.

2. Air-fryer gammon

Whether you’re an air-fryer superfan or just need to keep the oven clear for other recipes, this recipe by Abigail Donnelly is perfect for you. It’s made with a sweet-and-sour glaze and pickled nectarines. Abi recommends using a medium gammon for this cooking method.

Air-fryer gammon

Find the recipe for air-fryer gammon here.

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3. Stained-glass gammon

You only need three ingredients to make this gorgeous glaze that will give your gammon the stained-glass look. Abi uses ginger preserve and syrup, glacé cherries, and melon preserve and syrup, so there is less prep required for this one.

Stained-glass gammon

Find the recipe for stained-glass gammon here.

4. Sugared gammon with sticky cherries

If you’re a fan of sweeter gammon, this recipe is for you – sugar is used in the gammon as well as the glaze. The glaze also includes cherries and brandy, giving it even more of a festive feel.

Find the recipe for sugared gammon with sticky cherries here.

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5. Roast gammon glazed with soft-eating nectarines

Abi describes the glaze for this gammon as Christmas in a bowl. Made with maple syrup, Dijon mustard, verjuice, cloves and star anise, it’s bursting with classic Christmassy flavours. Plus, she uses dried soft-eating nectarines and apricots, so you don’t have to spend time cutting up fresh fruit.

Glazed roast gammon for Christmas

Find the recipe for roast gammon glazed with soft-eating nectarines here.

6. Naartjie-glazed gammon

If you’re more interested in citrussy gammon than a stone-fruit one, we’ve got you covered. This one is topped with naartjies drizzled in honey, and is served with sweet blueberries, which create a lovely contrast in colour.

Naartjie-glazed gammon with blueberries and star anise recipe

Find the recipe for naartjie-glazed gammon here.

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7. Maple syrup and blueberry-glazed gammon

Blueberries are also the star of the show in this gammon recipe – plus, Abi shares a recipe for roast shallots and figs to serve with the gammon. She says: “A delicious, bold burst of blueberries and figs adds a wonderful fruity sweetness to the gammon.”

Find the recipe for maple syrup and blueberry-glazed gammon here.

8. Grape-glazed gammon

Technically, Khanya Mzongwana created this recipe for a left-over gammon sandwich (which is a fantastic way to use Christmas leftovers in general). But before you can make the sandwich, you have to make the gammon! Using grape juice to prep the gammon, and for the glaze, makes this a deliciously different option for your festive table.


Find the recipe for grape-glazed gammon here.

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