8 no-bake desserts to make this festive season

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8 no-bake desserts to make this festive season

Who wouldn’t prefer a no-baked dessert on a hot summer’s day? It’s an easy way to bypass loadshedding, plus they are great festive options. Here are 8 simple no-bake desserts that everyone will love.

1. DIY Cutie Pies

Looking for an easy treat that will impress? Try Abigail Donnelly’s Cutie Pies. These are a great way to serve individual treats to your guests – and they make an epic edible gift.

Cutie pies

Find the recipe for DIY Cutie Pies here.

2. Oreo cheesecake

This one is for the cheesecake lovers – a classic no-bake cheesecake that has an Oreo base, with decedent ganache topping to make it extra-special.

oreo cheesecake

Find the recipe for Oreo cheesecake here. 

3. Amasi cheesecake

Did you know you can make cheesecake with amasi? This creation by Chef Nti showcases the versatility of amasi in the most delicious way. She uses it in place of cream cheese. The filling is also made with jelly, giving it an interesting texture.


Find the recipe for amasi cheesecake here. 

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4. Rainbow mosaic jelly

Need something cool to do with your family this festive season? This recipe by Sadiqah Assur-Ismail doubles as a fun activity – and it only takes 5 ingredients to make! The mosaic look is a new way to serve a classic Christmas dessert.

Rainbow mosaic jelly

Find the recipe for rainbow mosaic jelly here. 

5. Lemon meringue trifle

Abigail Donnelly took two classic desserts and mashed them up to make this swoon-worthy trifle. The best part? You’ll only need 6 ingredients and 20 minutes to make it!

Lemon meringue trifle

Find the recipe for lemon meringue trifle here. 

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6. Lamington Peppermint Crisp trifle

Speaking of mash-ups, this trifle has a proudly South African twist: Peppermint Crisp tart! Add lamingtons to the mix and you have a winning festive dessert.

Lamington Peppermint Crisp trifle

Find the recipe for Lamington Peppermint Crisp trifle here. 

7. No-bake Chuckles chocolate tart

This tart by Saadiyah Hendricks is every chocolate lover’s dream. Plus, there are Chuckles in the base and on the tart. Trust us, this will be the best chocolate tart you’ve ever tried!

Find the recipe for No-bake Chuckles chocolate tart here. 

8. Jelly-and-custard moulds

We all have childhood memories of jelly and custard, and this dessert will bring that nostalgia back. And it requires only 5 ingredients!

Jelly-and-custard moulds

Find the recipe for jelly-and-custard moulds here. 

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