8 non-negotiable sides you should serve at your next braai

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8 non-negotiable sides you should serve at your next braai

Planning a braai? Make it an epic one with these must-have sides. Whether your guests prefer pap or garlic bread, braaied mielies or potato salad, we’ve rounded up 8 recipes that will ensure no guest goes home hungry.

1. Pap

It doesn’t get more South African than pap en vleis. This is our cheesy take on this staple, but if you’re more of a traditionalist, stick to stiff pap.

Herby pap braai dippersGet the recipe for herby pap braai dippers here. 

2. Garlic bread

We’re ending the pap vs garlic bread debate – why not serve both? Take things ups notch with these 3 incredible garlic bread no-recipe recipes.

 Get the recipe for garlic bread three ways here. 

3. Chakalaka

You can’t host a braai and not serve South Africa’s mother sauce, chakalaka. This spicy carrot-and-bean sauce is all about the perfect balance of spices. We’re mixing it up a bit by swapping baked beans for chickpeas. Get the recipe for chickpea chakalaka here. 

4. Braaied mielies

This popular street food is a perfect braai side. Charred sweetcorn is smoky, sweet and moreish. Don’t hold back on the flavoured butter to take this crowd favourite to the next level. Get the recipe for braaied mielies three ways here. 

5. Potato salad

When it comes to potato salad, everyone has a strong opinion. One thing we can all agree on, however, is that a braai menu isn’t complete without it. We’ve swapped the creamy mayo for crumbly feta and loaded this dish with spring greens. Green potato salad Get the recipe for green potato salad here.

6. Three-bean salad

Amp up a canned three-bean mix with braaied leeks and a zingy anchovy-and-mint vinaigrette. You’ll be surprised at how much flavour this side dish has considering there’s barely any cooking involved. Three-bean salad with braaied leeks Get the recipe for three-bean salad with braaied leeks here. 

7. Pasta salad

If you’re searching for a delicious pasta recipe, look no further. Instead of mayo, blue cheese adds the creaminess this salad needs and sundried tomato pesto makes it extra flavourful. Make this pasta salad if you want to switch up your usual recipe. Get the recipe for biltong, blue cheese and sundried tomato pasta salad here. 

8. Leafy salad

Braais can mean a lot of heavy dishes, so you’ll need something light and fresh to break things up. This mint, cucumber and romaine lettuce salad is just that. Minty-green-salad Get the recipe for minty green salad here. 

Find more braai recipes here. 

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