8 of the best Christmas desserts

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8 of the best Christmas desserts

From the traditional favourites to the quirky and new, these Christmas desserts will wow your family.

1. Chuckles-studded Christmas pudding

Does your family love traditional Christmas pudding? Take the easy way out, buy a pre-prepared one, then stud it with Chuckles! It’s the perfect combo of sticky, sweet and boozy.

Chuckles Christmas pudding

Find the recipe for Chuckles-studded Christmas pudding here.

2. Layered rosé champagne jelly and panna cotta

If you’re looking for something light, yet sweet, after a day of feasting then this dessert is the perfect solution! You can also avoid the Christmas cooking rush by making these easy desserts a day ahead (in only 30 minutes).


Find the recipe for layered rosé champagne jelly and panna cotta here.

3. Christmas mince pie crumble

We’ll always love the good old traditional mince pie, but this inspired twist is utterly delicious. It still has the fruity cinnamon taste, with a wonderful, buttery crumble topping.

Find the recipe for Christmas mince pie crumble here.

4. Christmas trifle with Italian meringue

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a trifle, and trust us when we say that this one is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. It’s super tasty, and if you use readymade cake, super easy!

Christmas trifle with Italian meringue recipe

Find the recipe for Christmas trifle with Italian meringue here.

5. Cherry tart

You can use cherries, strawberries or just about any berry for these scrumptious tarts, though the combination of cherries and the almond flour really is superb! Another great make-ahead pudding.


Find the recipe for Cherry tart here.

6. Abi’s famous gooey pavlova

Pavlova is the perfect summer dessert. This recipe, by pavlova queen Abigail, promises to deliver the perfect gooey meringue. Serve with berries and coconut yoghurt.

Abi's famous pavlova

Find the recipe for Abi’s famous gooey pavlova here.

7. Individual malva puddings

Malva pudding is a staple on many Christmas menus. This recipe, by Hannah Lewry, is a stellar one – and makes a nice Christmas twist because each person gets their own individual pud.

Individual malva puddings recipe

Find the recipe for Individual malva pudding here.

8. Swiss roll bread-and-butter pudding

You can never go wrong with bread-and-butter pudding, and even less so with Swiss roll bread and butter pudding! Caramel, orange, and cinnamon make a killer combination.

Swiss roll bread-and-butter pudding

Find the recipe for Swiss roll bread-and-butter pudding here.

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Nicole Greeff is a postgraduate student in marketing and advertising communications. She loves cooking healthy and fresh foods, and anything and everything Mediterranean. Her go-to flavours are cumin, paprika, coriander, garlic or ginger, and she always has a trusty tin of tomatoes in her pantry.

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