8 of the best stews for winter

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8 of the best stews for winter

With the arrival of winter, we’ve all got low, slow cooking on the brain and there’s no dish quite as comforting as a hearty stew, especially as you can just pop them on to cook and forget about them for a while.

1. Slow-cooked shortrib ragu

Shortrib must be one of the most forgiving stewing cuts, as it really delivers on flavour without too much work. We especially love it with this ragù version, which plays nicely with mashed potato or pap, or tossed through pasta.
Slow-cooked shortrib ragu
Get the recipe for slow-cooked shortrib ragu here.

2. Coq au vin

Mastering this classic coq au vin will have you feeling like Julia Child in no time at all.

Get the recipe for coq au vin here.

3. Seafood-and-chilli cioppino

We often seem to forget about seafood when it comes to wintery stews, but this spicy cioppino will warm you up from the inside out. Use any fish and shellfish you like – frozen or fresh will work here.
Get the Get the recipe for seafood-and-chilli cioppino here.

4. Autumn vegetable stew with grilled cheese

Hardy root veg, like butternut, sweet potato and carrots, all benefit from a low, slow braise so add these in as you like. The addition of melty cheese on top should not be skipped, however, as it makes this veggie dish feel a little more rewarding.

Get the recipe for Autumn vegetable stew with grilled cheese.

5. Sticky roast carrots in barley broth

Perhaps not a stew in the strictest sense, this brothy dish still deserves a place in your weekly rotation. The combination of barley with the sugary glazed carrots is one that will have you coming back for seconds.

Get the recipe for sticky roast carrots in barley broth here.

6. Oxtail tomato bredie

The cornerstone of stews in South Africa, oxtail is something of a national hero. This bredie version calls for tinned and fresh tomatoes, as well as sweet potato, making it a complete dish all its own. However, we won’t tell if you serve some dumplings or extra mashed potatoes on the side.

Get the recipe for oxtail tomato bredie here.

7. Yemenite braised lamb

This recipe doesn’t call for any complicated ingredients: cumin and turmeric are all it takes to create a delicately-spiced stew. This doubles and freezes well, so you can make ahead for future dinners.

Get the recipe for Yemenite braised lamb here.

8. Lamb Maria’s

The iconic Cape Town restaurant knows a thing or two about slow-cooked lamb, but this dish is easily one of their most loved. Serve it as they do, with roast potatoes, or over orzo.

Get the recipe for lamb Maria’s here.

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