8 tasty recipes for Ramadan

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8 tasty recipes for Ramadan

With the holy month of Ramadan in full swing, we’re drooling over some seriously envy-inducing Cape Malay eats and treats. We’ve dug into our archives to bring you some of our favourite TASTE recipes inspired by the beautiful, flavour-packed cuisine of the Cape Malay.

This sweet, delicately spiced milky drink is commonly enjoyed throughout Ramadan, but is a treat on any occasion. Typically served warm, it’s a perfect wintry drink to beat the chills. The infusion of cardamom and cinnamon imparts a slightly spicy flavour that lingers and is soothing on the palate. Add a dash of rose water for a traditional Cape Malay twist.

Cass Abrahams’ Cape Malay lamb curry
This hot mess will have you licking your fingers clean. The fiery spices permeate the tender lamb pieces and potato to give it just the right amount of heat. Best served with rice, roti or naan (and devoured by hand).

The perfect buttery flatbreads with which to mop up a juicy curry, rotis are easier to make than you’d imagine. They require only a few ingredients – cake flour, salt, water, butter and vegetable oil – so it’s really the method that can make or break it.

Pumpkin fritters
Pumpkin is in season and what better way to enjoy it than in fritters? These Ramadan favourites are super easy to make and, dusted with cinnamon-sugar, will satisfy a sweet tooth.

Butter chicken
For fans of Indian fare, there’s nothing like a classic butter chicken to get your appetite raring. The cream and yoghurt makes it deliciously creamy and offsets the spiciness. Garnish with coriander.

These crispy triangles can be filled with your choice of fillings. This particular recipe calls for mince, but samoosas play well with an endless variety of fillings such as lamb, chicken, spicy potato, cheeses, and even crayfish and prawns. One thing’s for sure: they’re always a winner!

Not to be confused for koeksisters, these balls of deliciousness are a treat infused with vibrant spices including ginger, cinnamon, aniseed, cardamom and citrus peel. They’re then soaked in sticky syrup and adorned with desiccated coconut.

Naartjie-and-cardamom milk tart with candied citrus peel
A South African favourite, Abigail Donnelly’s take on this classic dessert calls for candied citrus peel and cardamom for added flavour.

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