8 tomato recipes to use up that bag

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8 tomato recipes to use up that bag

When you find yourself with a bounty of exotic tomato varieties – heirlooms, Italian Romas, ripe Mediterraneans, and juicy cherries – this is the only list of tantalising tomato recipes you’ll ever need to get you inspired and cooking.

From salads to pasta and even tarts, when tomatoes are in season there’s no limit to what you can do with them. You can go for a bag of budget-friendly slicing tomatoes or splurge on exotic mixes with multiple colours and levels of firmness. Here’s how we plan on using this fruit throughout the summer:

1. Crunchy fried tomatoes with steak

You’ll love this fried tomato recipe that’s golden and crispy on the outside yet juicy and tender on the inside. It’s a cosy staple from the American Southern states that you have to try. These tomatoes can be served up as a comforting appetiser, as a snack, or in a classic BLT sandwich. This recipe turns it into a main by serving it with steak, but the steak can absolutely be optional. Crunchy fried tomatoes with chilli steak and labneh Get the recipe for crunchy fried tomatoes with steak. 

2. Tomato salad with chilli crisp

This is a quintessential summer salad. Toss a medley of sliced and halved exotic tomatoes in various sizes with bocconcini and a punchy Italian chilli crisp made with tons of garlic, anchovy fillets and chillis. It travels well so next time you have to bring a dish to a get-together, you know what to make.  TOMATO SALAD WITH ITALIAN CHILLI CRISPGet the recipe for tomato salad with chilli crisp here. 

3. Breakfast egg noodle bowls

This is the definition of a fully-loaded breakfast. Ramen and a traditional fry-up come together to make a filling breakfast. Fried eggs and streaky crispy bacon are added to a noodle bowl with fragrant vegetable stock and blistered roasted tomatoes. We love this breakfast because it provides a bit of everything and best of all, uses ingredients we already have in the pantry.  Get the recipe for breakfast egg noodle bowls. 

4. Home-made sundried tomatoes

We’re obsessed with having these flavourful sun-dried tomatoes on hand. Stir them into pasta dishes, slice them and add them to salads, or simply snack on ’em plain! Keep in a jar with olive oil – this will help them last longer so you can still enjoy your tomatoes at their peak beyond summer. Get the recipe for home-made sundried tomatoes here. 

5. Lemon-and-tomato pasta

A 20-minute midweek dinner that only needs 5 minutes of prep is always a winner. Get the recipe for lemon-and-tomato pasta here. 

6. Tomato galette

This tomato galette is delicious and deceptively easy to make. The best part about galettes is that they’re SUPPOSED to be rustic so they don’t have to be perfect. Tomatoes and feta are match-made in food heaven, so naturally we’ve combined the two to make a creamy, salty and slightly sweet filling for the galette. Top with a generous grating of parmesan and serve!

Get the recipe for tomato galette here.  

7. Tomato tamarind jam

Jams don’t have to always be made with berries. This jam gives you a hint of sweetness which is followed by some heat from the red pepper flakes and tartness from the tamarind for a sweet and savoury spread. It also makes a brilliant homemade gift.

Get the recipe for tomato tamarind jam here.

8. Italian-style meatball subs

Served in a homemade tomato sauce of rosemary and garlic, these juicy and tender beef-and-pork meatballs are simply delicious. Serve over pasta or as a meatball sub with melted mozzarella.

Italian style meatball subsGet the recipe for Italian-style meatball subs here. 

Find more tomato recipes here. 

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