9 burger recipes that aren’t made from beef

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9 burger recipes that aren’t made from beef

We’re not knocking the succulent and saucy beef burger, we’re simply suggesting that there’s more to a patty than beef mince. Still a little sceptical? Perhaps the likes of a chargrilled chicken fillet, spicy pork patty or virtuous veg burger will tempt you.

Mix things up with a new and exciting burger patty, think along the lines of chargrilled chicken fillet, crunchy fish, juicy lamb, spicy pork and virtuous veg. There’s a perfect patty out there for everyone.

4 tips to better burger patties:

  • Be gentle! When making the patties, too much man-handling can result in a tougher patty. Stick to light patting motions instead.
  • Go fresh. For optimal flavour, always use the freshest possible ingredients.
  • Stay chilled. After forming your patties, allow them to chill for 15 minutes in the fridge before searing. This plays a vital role in helping them retain their shape.
  • And then get hot. And we mean really hot. Sear the outer surface of the patty to keep its structural integrity in tact.


The seafood burger recipe

If you haven’t added crumbed calamari strips and portions of hake to your grocery list yet,now is the time to start. They not only make for a fast midweek meal, but they’re also perfect for this American-style fish burger. It’s fresh, crisp and totally moreish.

Get the fish-and-calamari burger recipe here.


The lamb burger patty recipe

Whether you eat this patty stuffed between two lettuce leaves or sandwiched between two sesame seed buns, these spicy lamb patties will make for a great flavour departure from regular beef patties. Plus, if you prefer a little more pink in your patty with a touch more juice, lamb is the way to go.

Get the lamb burger recipe here.


The pork sausage burger recipe

There’s more to pork bangers than serving it with mash. Fancy the sound of pan-fried pork sausages, topped with a hot and smoky relish and a celeriac slaw? This is for you.

Get the pork sausage burger recipe here.


The chicken burger patty recipe

Top chargrilled chicken fillets with cool tzatziki and mango chutney for a well rounded fruity flavour. Top tip: try to marinate the chicken for at least 5 minutes for optimal flavour.

Get the grilled chicken burger recipe here.


The veggie burger recipe

The combination of butter beans, quinoa, earthy fennel and nutty dessicated coconut makes for a remarkably flavourful patty. Plus, the mint-and-coconut cream sauce is undoubtedly a winner.

Get the butter bean burgers recipe here.


Harissa chicken burgers with pineapple relish, aïoli and vegetable crisps recipe

Discover more brilliant burger recipes here.

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