9 carrot recipes to use up that bag

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9 carrot recipes to use up that bag

Bought of bag of carrots and not sure what to make? Don’t fret, there are lots of things to cook. We’ve rounded up 9 carrot recipes that tick all the boxes: soups, salad, roasts and dessert.

1. Keep it simple: carrots with pesto

Carrots and oranges are an underrated pairing. This recipe celebrates them and makes the most of them with an easy carrot-top pesto.

Carrots with pestoGet the recipe for carrots with pesto here. 

2. All about the dip: carrot hummus with pickled carrots

This recipe shows off carrots in two different ways. The hummus is creamy, smoky and spicy, while the pickled carrots are crunchy and brined. If you’ve got a few people coming over but don’t want to fuss too much in the kitchen or break the bank, this recipe is your best bet.

Get the recipe for Moroccan-spiced carrot hummus with pickled carrots and flatbreads here.

3. Crunch, crunch: carrot salad

One of the best things about carrots is that you can enjoy them raw – they’re loadshedding proof! There’s no need for a fancy mandolin for this recipe, your veggie peeler will do. Thin ribbons of raw carrots are dressed in a sweet-and-spicy vinaigrette and topped with fresh mint, sesame seeds and honey-glazed cashews. You can serve this salad any day of the week, on any occasion and it’ll be a hit!

Carrot saladGet the recipe for carrot salad here. 

4. Budget protein: chicken livers with carrot mash

You’ve heard of potato mash, cauliflower mash and sweet potato mash, now get ready for carrot mash! The key to making the perfect carrot mash is to not overcook the carrots – this will dull the flavour and you’ll end up with a bland dish. Carrots have a subtle flavour when mashed, so avoid pairing the mash with big, bold flavours. Go for proteins like chicken livers or keep it 100% meat-free with seared marinated tofu.

Chicken livers with carrot mash and crispy kale recipesGet the recipe for chicken livers with carrot mash and crispy kale here. 

5. Low and slow: sticky roast carrots in barley broth

Slow-roasting isn’t just for big cuts of meat, give your carrots the same treatment and you’ll reap the rewards. When roasted, the carrots caramelise and their flavour stands out in this light, aromatic broth. If you’re feeling poorly, this is also a great alternative to chicken soup.

Get the recipe for sticky roast carrots in barley broth here. 

6. Winter warmer: carrot and pumpkin soup

We’ve found the perfect autumnal soup! It’s easy, hearty, and comforting and we’re sure it’s going to become a favourite you’ll make on repeat throughout the season. In a rush? Leave out the creamed feta and dukkah chickpeas.

Get the recipe for spicy carrot and pumpkin soup with creamed feta and roast dukkah chickpeas here.

7. Snack o’clock: carrot fritter with yoghurt dip

Home-made snacks can be just as good as store-bought snacks and here’s the proof. There are lots of ways to serve these carrot fritters: as is with a zesty yoghurt dip, stacked and topped with a poached egg and bacon for brunch, or smeared with crème fraîche and topped with trout ribbons. If you know someone who’s not a fan of carrots, this recipe might just be delicious enough to change their minds.

Carrot fritters with yoghurt dipGet the recipe for carrot fritters with yoghurt dip here. 

8. Seventh colour: milk-poached carrots

This is the ultimate side dish for any Sunday roast. Poaching the carrots and turnips in milk gives the mash an extra creamy texture. It’s accompanied by charred, roasted butternut. It’s a symphony of flavours that will definitely rival the big meaty roast.

Get the recipe for milk-poached carrot-and-turnip mash with vino cotto-roasted butternut here.

9. Room for dessert: pineapple-and-carrot cake

When you think of classic bakes, carrot cake has to be at the top of the list. Stack the sponge high with layers of burnt butter frosting. Whether you want a treat, are wishing someone a happy birthday or want to wow some friends, this cake will tick all the boxes.

Pineapple-and-carrot cakeGet the recipe for reduced sugar pineapple-and-carrot cake with burnt butter frosting here. 

Looking for more carrot recipes? Find more here.

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