9 tips, tricks (and recipes) for the best-ever gammon roast

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9 tips, tricks (and recipes) for the best-ever gammon roast

Why not go all-out with the gammon this year? Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without it and it’s the key to leftovers, too!

Follow these tips for a great roast gammon:

  • Poach gammon for 30 minutes per 500 grams – this reduces roasting time and adds succulence.
  • Once the gammon is poached, remove the skin to reveal that lovely fatty layer beneath. Carefully slice from one side of the gammon to the other, using quick, short, horizontal strokes to help peel the skin up and away from the fat.
  • Score the fat using a sharp knife, slicing across the surface in parallel lines. Do the same in the opposite direction to make a diamond pattern. Drizzle over the glaze.
  • Roast the scored and glazed gammon for 20–30 minutes at 200°C until golden and sticky. Baste with glaze while cooking.


Need to know information: boiling gammon before roasting it results in the tastiest, juiciest meat. This recipe creates a jammy glaze that features maple syrup and orange marmalade.

Get the recipe here.

TRY A CITRUS (and berry) GLAZE

Naartjie-glazed gammon with blueberries and star anise recipe

Layer naartjies over a scored gammon and drizzle with honey or maple syrup and grill until slightly charred and sticky.

Get the recipe here.


Chop all your vegetables and place in a baking dish along with the gammon, pour over apple cider (like Hunter’s Dry) until covered and cook. You can use ginger beer instead of apple cider for a bit of a twist.

Get the recipe here.


Make like TASTE’s 2016 December cover and add a little sweetness to your Christmas showcase. Pat treacle sugar (and mustard) onto a scored gammon and roast. Serve with a sticky cherry sauce.

Get the recipe here.


Pomegranate molasses, available at most delicatessens, has a lovely sweet-tart flavour that complements the smokiness of the meat.

Get the recipe here.

Discover more festive gammon recipes here.

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