A round up of baked pasta recipes that aren’t just lasagne

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A round up of baked pasta recipes that aren't just lasagne

Spoiler alert, lasagne isn’t the only baked pasta out there and we’ve got a collection of recipes to prove it. When you need maximum cosiness, here are other baked pastas to warm you up.

Baked tomato pasta

While we’ll never turn our backs on mac ‘n cheese, this recipe has no white sauce and is even speedier because of that.
Get the recipe for baked tomato pasta here.

Mac and cheese with stuffing

See? We do love mac and cheese. This recipe includes leftover turkey from Christmas, but you could replace it with sausages or bacon – or leave it out entirely.
Leftovers-mac-and-cheeseGet the recipe for mac and cheese with stuffing here.

Baked conchiglie carbonara

Just when you think carbonara couldn’t be improved, this recipe doubles up on comfort and cheese. What more could you want?
Baked conchiglie carbonara recipeGet the recipe for baked conchiglie carbonara here.

Ravioli lasagne

Okay, so we might have one lasagne on this list, but this really is a cheat if nothing else. Roasting some butternut is the most you’ll have to do to be rewarded with a hearty dinner.
Ravioli-lasagneGet the recipe for ravioli lasagne here.

Cheesy mushroom-and-bacon rigatoni bake

This pasta might be the sole reason we look forward to winter. Omit the bacon if you’d like to keep it veggie-friendly.
Get the recipe for mushroom-and-bacon rigatoni bake here.

Meatball lasagne

We’ll admit we have to sneak this lasagne recipe onto this list. The addition of meatballs adds an entirely new dimension to an otherwise run-of-the-mill dish.
meatball-and-roast-tomatoe-lasgneGet the recipe for meatball lasagne here.

Tenderstem broccoli-and-ricotta pasta bake

The combination of broccoli and ricotta somehow keeps this feeling virtuous, with actually being too virtuous.
Tenderstem Broccoli-and-ricotta pasta bake recipeGet the recipe for Tenderstem broccoli-and-ricotta pasta bake here.

Baked rigatoni with ricotta, shallots and spinach

A simple, fuss-free pasta bake that you can put on rotation nearly every week.
Get the recipe for baked rigatoni with ricotta, shallots and spinach here.

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