A round-up of every oxtail recipe you’ll ever need

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A round-up of every oxtail recipe you'll ever need

Winter is coming, and with it comes the perfect excuse to make something slow-cooked and warming. We’re prepared to say that oxtail might just be one of the best stewing cuts out there, and ideal for a Sunday lunch. Thanks to its full flavour and low-maintenance requirements, oxtail is the easiest thing to cook when you want something cosy.

The classic: oxtail stew

No frills and no fuss, this recipe is part of Mogau’s traditional Christmas lunch, but it’s so good that we’ve been making it all-year round.
Oxtail-stewGet the recipe for oxtail stew here.

The ultimate topping: oxtail stew with dumplings

Another simple one, this oxtail recipe includes dumplings, which we strongly suggest you make. There’s nothing more satisfying than a gravy-soaked dumpling.
oxtail stew with domboloGet the recipe for oxtail stew with dumplings here.

The bredie: oxtail tomato bredie

The addition of sweet potato to this bredie makes this a complete one-pot winner, but nobody will judge you for serving extra mashed potatoes on the side.
Get the recipe for oxtail tomato bredie here.

The curry: oxtail-and-vindaloo curry

The combination of fragrant spices work exceptionally well with the rich oxtail here, but feel free to tone down the red chillies if you don’t want so much heat.
oxtail and vindaloo curryGet the recipe for oxtail-and-vindaloo curry here.

The family favourite: Dad’s oxtail

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and this recipe is proof of that. Carrots, celery, herbs and canned tomatoes is all this oxtail needs to shine.
Dad's oxtailGet the recipe for dad’s oxtail here.

The unexpected update: oxtail with creamy polenta

Oxtail + soft side dish = a winning combination. The addition of creamy polenta is a no-brainer here. What makes this recipe stand out is the addition of Kassler pork chops, which only add to the heartiness of this stew.
Get the recipe for oxtail with creamy polenta here.

The wildcard: Korean-style sticky oxtail

If you’ve made enough oxtail stews to last a lifetime, this marinated version is here to shake things up. Keeping the oxtail intact, or at least in larger pieces, makes it easier to coat in the sauce and a perfect topping for fluffy steamed rice.

Get the recipe for Korean-style sticky oxtail here.

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