A round up of our favourite recipes using mielie meal

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A round up of our favourite recipes using mielie meal

Pap, mielie meal, maize. Whatever you know it as, there’s no denying it’s one of South Africa’s most loved ingredients. Aside from it’s comforting flavour and quick-cooking qualities, it’s also incredibly versatile. Here are some of our favourite recipes using mielie meal.

Umvubo/phuthu (crumbly pap and amasi)

Sometimes the best way to do something is the way it’s always been done. Mogau’s classic recipe for pap and amasi is one of our favourite ways to eat mielie meal.
Umvubo-puthuGet the recipe for umvubo here.

Ting le tshohlo (sorghum fermented pap and pulled beef)

A traditional Setswana dish featuring fermented pap and sorghum (ting), which includes slow-cooked, shredded brisket. This is pure comfort in a bowl.
Ting-le-tshohlo-(sorghum-fermented-pap-and-pulled-beef)-Get the recipe for ting le tshohlo here.

Umfino pap with honey-mustard chicken

The addition of spinach is a great way to get extra greens onto your plate. Umfino is usually made with morogo, but any leafy greens will work.
Mogau-honey-mustard-chicken-umfinoGet the recipe for umfino pap with honey-mustard chicken here.

Cheesy pap balls

Bite-sized pieces of fried pap stuffed with cheese? We’re big fans.
cheesy pap ballsGet the recipe for cheesy pap balls here.

Braaied cornbread

There’s something immensely satisfying about cooking bread in a braai, and this mielie-packed version from Lesego is a sure-fire winner.
Get the recipe for braaied sweetcorn here.

Spicy sweetcorn mieliepap

This recipe comes to us from Keletso, via his mom, which means you know it’s a goodie.
Get the recipe for spicy sweetcorn mieliepap here.

Mielie-meal porridge with maple-butter sauce

While we’ll always love a classic mielie-meal porridge with milk and sugar, the addition of maple butter makes this feels wonderfully fancy.
Get the recipe for mielie-meal porridge with maple-butter sauce here.

White chocolate-and-tonka bean pap

Why stop at sweet pap when you can make this glorious white chocolate-and-tonka version?
White-chocolate-and-tonka-bean-papGet the recipe for white chocolate-and-tonka bean pap here.

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