A round-up of the best berry desserts

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A round-up of the best berry desserts

Berry-based desserts are one of life’s greatest pleasures. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite classic desserts that prove you don’t need to do much to berries for them to shine.

Strawberry chocolate pie

Don’t be put off by this one, it’s easier than you think, thanks to Keletso’s clever pastry tips.
Strawberry-chocolate-pieGet the recipe for strawberry chocolate pie here.

Strawberry cobbler

If you’re still not convinced about making a pie, this cobbler is the easy alternative you need.
Strawberry-cobblerGet the recipe for strawberry cobbler here.

Lemon-and-sesame blueberry cake

A simple, not-too-sweet cake, perfect for using up that pile of blueberries you bought.
LEMON-AND-SESAME-BLUEBERRY-CAKEGet the recipe for lemon-and-sesame blueberry cake here.

Abi’s ultimate raspberry soufflé

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times , soufflés are super-easy and deserve a spot at your next dinner party.
Abi's ultimate raspberry souffleGet the recipe for Abi’s ultimate raspberry soufflé here.

Blueberry-and-cherry pie

If you’ve mastered a free-form tart such as a galette, it’s time to move onto a pie like this. If you like, swap the cherries for more blueberries or other berries.
Get the recipe for blueberry-and-cherry pie here.

Blueberry-and-buttermilk ice cream

This genius recipe proves that you don’t need a machine to make perfectly smooth, berry ice cream.
Blueberry-and-buttermilk ice cream recipeGet the recipe for blueberry-and-buttermilk ice cream here.

Looking for more recipes with berries? Find our berry recipe collection here.


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