Abi’s 5 favourite ways with dessert wine

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Abi’s 5 favourite ways with dessert wine

Abigail Donnelly loves the nuances of dessert wine – honey sweet with a great acidity. From pairing it with creamy Gorgonzola to adding a splash of it to tomato soup, the flavour possibilities are endless. Here are some of her favourite ways to indulge in it…

1. Drinking a nip with a vanilla-based dessert, like malva pudding, or with a wedge of creamy Gorgonzola and onion jam.

2. Freezing that last little bit left in the bottle in ice cubes to pop into custard or soup.

3. Putting a splash into a roasted Italian tomato soup or a creamy, vanilla-flavoured panna cotta.

4. Adding a bit of a boozy flavour to bread-and-butter pudding by pouring over some dessert wine as soon as the pudding comes out of the oven.

5. Doing it the way the Italians do and serving it in a tot glass alongside espresso and biscotti. Dip the biscotti into the wine and sip the coffee.


Abigail Donnelly Article by: Abigail Donnelly

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