Abi’s ideas with affogato

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Abi's ideas with affogato

Italian affogato, strong, hot coffee served with a scoop of cold ice cream, makes perfect sense to me. It’s especially fun when it’s made in a big bowl so that it’s acceptable to drink from it!

I once had an affogato with a friend and, before I could warn her, she had put the ice cream into the coffee cup instead of pouring the coffee over the ice cream! It overflowed onto the table – it was quite funny! After all, the word “affogato” does mean “drowned” in Italian.

I have played with various options, including using chocolate ice cream instead of the traditional vanilla and adding chopped peanut brittle or Chuckles, which turns it into the perfect easy dessert, especially if you add a dash of coffee liqueur, sherry or hazelnut flavouring if you don’t fancy the alcohol. Serving biscotti on the side is quite authentic, too.

Another ice-cold Italian favourite are sweet Italian kisses – bite-size balls of ice cream enrobed in chocolate. I like to eat them on their own with a glass of espresso on the side, which gives it a lovely hot-and-cold sensation, or you could try a drizzle of toffee sauce and sliced strawberries.

Abigail Donnelly Article by: Abigail Donnelly

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