Add edge to your veg on the braai

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Add edge to your veg on the braai

Play around with preparation techniques, cooking methods and surprising ingredients to give side dishes that little somethin’ somethin’


This technique infuses sides with heavenly smoky flavour. Chargrill corn in the husk, whole heads of garlic, halved lemons, brinjals and peppers over the coals.

Try: Charred corn on the cob with tomato salsa.


There’s so much more to salad than balsamic! Try apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, rice wine vinegar and tamarind. Add alternative sweeteners such as honey, preserved ginger and maple syrup for balance. Yoghurt, mustard and even hummus add depth of flavour and body to dressings.

Try: Coconut-and-coriander three-potato salad.


Give veg and salads the edge by using a vegetable peeler to shave pieces of celery or fennel instead of dicing or slicing; smash cucumber to create rough edges; tear up tomatoes; and give kale a dressing massage to help it absorb flavour.

Try: Steak salad with torn figs.

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Annette Klinger Article by: Annette Klinger

Woolworths TASTE’s features writer maintains that almost any dish can be improved with butter and cream. She’s a stickler for comfort food, especially German treats that remind her of her late grandmother, such as pork schnitzel with sauerkraut and spätzlen. She is a voracious reader of food magazines and recipe books, and instinctively switches over to the cooking channel whenever she checks into a hotel or guesthouse.

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