All the things you can do with yoghurt before it expires

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All the things you can do with yoghurt before it expires

We’ve all done it. Bought that big tub of yoghurt for one recipe and sworn to use the rest before the use-by date. And then didn’t. Here’s a solution: a one-day meal plan where every meal uses at least a little bit of fermented goodness.

Yoghurt contains calcium, which can be beneficial for your bones, and live cultures to help maintain normal digestive function. It’s the perfect base for sauces and dressings and a great meat tenderiser. Do you need any more motivation to use it more often?




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Try the granola with strained vanilla yoghurt recipe here.


Green goddess-style low-fat Ayrshire yoghurt dressing recipe

Cook’s note: Blend all the ingredients to make a dressing for salads or baked potatoes.

Try the green goddess-style low-fat Ayrshire yoghurt dressing recipe here.


Try the juicy watermelon salad with cucumber and chilli yoghurt recipe here.


Cook’s note: Use full- or double-cream yoghurt so it doesn’t split when heated. It makes a deliciously rich and creamy sauce.

Try the creamed spinach and smoked chilli yoghurt recipe here.


Cook’s note: Chef Gaggan Anand – whose restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok has been crowned best in Asia for three years since 2015 – calls yoghurt the Indian mother sauce.

Try the yoghurt-marinated lamb steaks with mint pesto recipe here.


Try the blueberries stewed in hibiscus tea with raspberry-swirl yoghurt recipe here.

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