An apple recipe for any occasion

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An apple recipe for any occasion

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Get your daily apple fix with four of our favourite ways with Pink Lady® apples.


The breakfast: Overnight oat jars

A little bit of prep the night before means you can simply grab-and-go in the morning. You’re welcome!

Get the recipe here.

The lunchbox: buttermilk apple muffin squares

A cinnamon-streusel topping adds crunch to these apple muffins baked on a tray and cut into squares.

Get the recipe here.

The dinner: beef sausages with purple cabbage-and-apple slaw

Fast and furious! This supper will be ready in under 30 minutes.

Get the recipe here.

The sweet treat: classic pink lady tarte tatin

The secret of this upsidedown apple pie is to cook the butter and sugar with the apples so the juice caramelises and flavours the fruit.

Get the recipe here.

Pink Lady® is the perfect healthy snack – portable, palatable, and pretty!

Pink Lady® apples excel in fresh salads and pies, perfect for sauces, great for baking, and just plain delicious when eaten on their own! The juicy, crunchy and sweet refreshing taste of Pink Lady® apples turns everyday recipes into something extra special. Discover more at

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