The back-to-school guide: How to build a better lunchbox

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Easy lunchbox hacks for a super mum.


For creative kids


Make a super satisfying sarmie by filling a brown seeded roll with light-meat shredded tuna, thin slices of baby carrots and lettuce or baby spinach. Add half an avo (sprinkle with some lemon to keep the flesh from discolouring), a handful of fresh, seasonal berries for a sweet treat, and a small tub of organic low-fat yoghurt for a dairy boost. Get these lunchbox essentials from Woolies now.

For athletic kids

Keep them full of energy by packing a ready-made chicken, grain and lentil salad pot (it doesn’t have any added sugar or salt), green apple slices with peanut butter, baby carrots and kids’ Ayrshire mozzarella sticks. Don’t forget the bottle of water to keep them hydrated! Get these lunchbox essentials from Woolies now.

For adventurous eaters


If your kid appreciates exotic flavours, treat him or her to pita breads filled with mini beef frikkadels and rainbow salad. Add a bunch of seedless grapes and a Bongi fruit juice for a sweet treat. Get these lunchbox essentials from Woolies now.

For picky eaters


Make a sandwich with digest-plus white-and-brown bread and BBQ chicken mini kebabs (remember to remove the sticks!). Add some carrot and cucumber sticks and a tub of hummus for dipping. For dessert, pack a corner pot yoghurt with granola and apple slices cut into star shapes with a cookie cutter (drizzle with a little lemon juice so they don’t discolour). Get these lunchbox essentials from Woolies now.

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