Bake this beautiful, rustic apple and yoghurt cake

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Bake this beautiful, rustic apple and yoghurt cake

If you’re comparing apples with apples, you can’t go wrong with the new Flavourburst Envy and Opal apples. Which one is sweet? Which one is crispy? Does it matter? They’re both delicious! We put both of them in (and on) this cake. Go on, try it.


Flavourburst Envy and Opal: two apples to peel…

We have two apples to peel with you… and then core, slice, and grate to put into this delicious apple and yoghurt cake with a hint of lemon. Introducing Envy and Opal.

Envy apples are bold, firm and sweet. They’re slow to brown but fast to disappear from your fruit bowl. This is why it makes the top position on this beautiful cake.

Opal apples are a warm yellow, giving it a slightly rustic appearance but the big drawcard is the fine taste, delivered in a crisp, juicy bite. One for the batter to keep our cake fluffy and moist.


Find the apple and yoghurt cake recipe, here.

Shop the Flavourburst Envy and Opal apples at Woolworths.

flavourburst-opal-apples flavourburst-envy-apples

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