Bangers to the rescue

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Bangers to the rescue

Forget what you know about the humble banger, they’re the ultimate last-minute meal.


It’s already March and we need all the kitchen help we can get. That’s why it’s so handy to keep a few packs of Woolies’ bangers in the fridge or freezer. The range now includes plain, pork-and-herb, pork-and-cheese and chorizo-and-pork, if you’re in the mood for something slightly spicy. They’re quick to prepare, good value for money and so versatile – they do well on the braai, you can grill them in the oven or pop them into a pan. Made with only the best quality ingredients, no added MSG and natural casings, this is one freezer staple that lends itself to endless dinner variations. You might even feel like being creative in the kitchen by giving them a bit of Asian flair as pictured.

Spicy bangers with edamame beans

Serve skewered, cooked bangers with edamame beans and spring onions with a spicy dipping sauce. To make the dipping sauce, mix 3 minced garlic cloves with, 4 T soya or teriyaki sauce, 2 T rice wine vinegar, 2 t sesame oil and 1 t sambal oelek or chilli sauce. Serves 2

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