5 ways with Bolognese sauce

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5 ways with Bolognese sauce

It’s the meat sauce to rule all sauces: a slow-cooked Bolognese sauce is something that every cook should know how to make. We’ve selected a few of our favourite versions to spice up the norm.

Whether you’re after a classic Bolognese recipe, or something a little more gourmet (got 6-8 hours to spare?), these best Bolognese recipes will satisfy any tastebud.

The classic

Abigail Donnelly’s top tip for a great Bolognese sauce is “to go low and slow”: cook the sauce for up to two hours over a low heat for an intense flavour. Add bacon or pancetta for an extra meaty flavour.

Best Bolognese recipes

Get the Marius Redelinghuys’ bolognese recipe here.

The beef mince alternative

This recipe uses pork mince, cream and fresh rosemary. Add a little bite by serving it topped with chilli.

Best Bolognese recipes

Try the pork rosemary cream Bolognese recipe here.
If pork doesn’t tickle your fancy, try this lamb Bolognese recipe here.

The new Bolognese

“It’s faster, lighter and easier than regular Bolognese. It’s a winner, I tell you.” says TASTE editor Kate Wilson. And if Kate says it’s so, you know it’s a winner! (Read more about her column on this recipe here.)

Best Bolognese recipes

Get the new Bolognese recipe here.

The home-made pasta

Serve this brilliant Bolognese with easy home-made pasta. It’s easier than you think!

Get the recipe here.

The gourmet

What you’ve been calling “spag Bol” all these years, is in fact spaghetti incorrectly served with a meat ragù (meat slow-cooked with veg) that originated in Bologna. A proper ragù Bolognese needs a wider noodle like fresh pappardelle or tagliatelle, or a more robust shape like penne or rigatoni. An authentic meat ragù also has very little tomato and starts with the soffrito-diced onions, celery and carrot sautéed slowly in olive oil until fragrant.

This recipe takes between 6 and 8 hours to cook, so is best made when you have time on your hands. Use a slow-cooked, bone-in beef brisket for a flavoursome dish.

Try the ultimate ragù recipe here.

What is your favourite way to make Bolognese? Tell us in the comments below!

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