TASTE’s guide to sausages (and how to cook them)

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TASTE's guide to sausages (and how to cook them)

Sausages are having a moment. Think artisanal. Think global flavours. And then try these 10 sizzling new ideas that make the most of everything from bangers to bockwurst


South Africans clearly love a bit of boerie, but we’re not turning our noses up at the rest of the wurst. Here’s how to tell your Frankfurter from your bockwurst and your chorizo from your chipolata

BOCKWURST is a popular German sausage traditionally eaten with mustard and bock beer. Woolies’ bockwurst is beech-smoked.

The CHIPOLATA originated in France and is made with coarsely ground fresh pork. Woolies’ deli chipolatas are ready to eat and best served hot.

CHORIZO is a spicy, coarsely ground pork sausage popular in Mexico and Spain. It can be bought either as a soft cooking sausage or as a dry, cured version. Both are available at Woolies.

German in origin, the FRANKFURTER is a boiled pork sausage that doesn’t have to be cooked but can be heated. The Woolies version is skinless.

GERMAN VIENNAS usually combine pork and beef and vie with Frankfurters for the title of original hot-dog sausage.



FRYING TIP: Stop sausages from bursting by placing them in oil in a cold pan, then turning up the heat. Always cook sausages over a medium temperature.

TURNING TIP: Never use a fork to turn sausages when you’re cooking them (what a waste of all that delicious juice!). Use tongs instead.

JUICY TIP: Parboil sausages in beer or stock before frying, roasting, or grilling them for extra succulence and flavour.

HEAT AND EAT: If you have bangers in the freezer and a healthy stash of condiments (and cans), you’ll always have a quick meal at your fingertips. Coat Woolworths traditional or German pork sausages with a mixture of ½ cup maple syrup and ¼ cup wholegrain mustard. Coat the sausages in the mixture and cook them on the braai until golden, basting continually. Serve with a can of heated baked beans, sauerkraut, chakalaka, creamed sweetcorn or tomato soup.


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