Best of the zest: your guide to cooking with citrus

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Best of the zest: your guide to cooking with citrus

Add a little zing to your supper with citrus-grilled chicken, lyamb gyros with lamb-spiked slaw, chilli-lemon broccoli and an upside-down cake starring grapefruit.

Citrus loves to be paired with…

Almonds, avocado, basil beetroot, carrots, chilli, coconut, coriander, dark and white chocolate, ginger, granadilla and soya sauce.

Which citrus to use when?

Seedless star ruby grapefruit have a distinctive red flesh and are ideal for breakfast or for juicing.

Easy-to-peel clementines are a cross between mandarin and a sweet orange.

Seedless limes are ideal for juicing, zesting and using in cooking.

ClemenGold mandarins, exclusive to Woolies, are sun-ripened, easy to peel and virtually seedless.

Valencia oranges are great for juicing. Navel oranges are easier to peel and good for snacking.

Easy-to-peel naartjies are sweet, juicy and perfect for snacking.

Eureka lemons are exceptionally juicy.

5 of our favourite recipes starring citrus

Browse more citrus recipes here.

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  • Vanessa Christiane
    August 21, 2016

    I make all of our Jams & Marmalades for our guesthouse. Our favourite is our Naartje Marmalade – I wish you had a place to post a photo! Its absolutely divine!

    Vanessa Christiane